The past few years, I have frequently made banana smoothies for breakfast. Not only do I love the taste of banana smoothies, but I enjoy the consistency as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, a single banana provides about 105 calories with almost no fat, cholesterol, or sodium. Bananas are a great source of potassium to help regulate blood pressure and improve nerve and muscle function. Making smoothies out of bananas is a healthy way to enjoy a frozen treat, depending on what else goes into the smoothie. But, I found the easiest and tastiest alternative to creating a frozen treat without using a blender. The best way to create a fruit based frozen treat is to use Yonanas soft serve machine. 

Benefits of Banana "Ice Cream"

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Lauren Peller

One day, I had a bunch of overripe bananas and wanted to try something other than a smoothie. I decided to make three kinds of nana ice cream, also known as, banana ice cream; they were refreshing, tasty, and best of all, nutritious. However, making nana ice cream in a blender was annoying and a mess. Aside from the annoyance, bananas are a great substitute because they have less fat, sugar, and calories. 

Yonanas Machine to the Rescue 

I did some digging and found the Yonanas machine on Amazon. It is a small kitchen appliance that uses blades to turn the frozen fruit into a fat-free, dairy free, and sugar-free dessert. It had excellent reviews and my cousins highly recommended investing in this machine; they said it made the best fruit based "ice cream." I bought the machine and discovered that making nana ice cream can be easy and quick. This machine turns 100% fruit into a treat that feels, tastes, and looks like soft serve ice cream. 

Using Yonanas is Super Easy 

All you have to do is choose a fruit (bananas are my favorite) and freeze them for a few hours or overnight. Once the fruit is frozen, plop the fruit in and turn the machine on. This machine easily transforms frozen fruit into dessert in just seconds by simply inserting frozen banana (or any fruit of your choice) into the chute and pushing down using the plunger. Here are some hints on perfecting the fruit based soft serve ice cream when using Yonanas: 1. Make sure the fruit is defrosted (for 10 minutes) before placing it in the chute 2. Cut bananas (if you're using them) into big chunks when freezing them 3. If you have extra cream do not place it in the fridge. It will melt and become soupy. 4. If you make too much Yonanas, it can be refrozen in a freezer safe container. Or freeze any extra in popsicle molds. 

Endless Recipes to Make and Create 

You can make simple and elegant homemade desserts such as ice cream, cakes, ice pops, sorbets, pies, and even s'mores. These creations are perfect for entertaining guests and as an individual treat. My personal favorite recipe is to freeze bananas and coat them in cinnamon. I love the combination of bananas and cinnamon together. When you purchase Yonanas, you will receive a big booklet of recipes to try.  

Even though Yonanas is expensive ($49.99), I promise the machine is totally worth the price. Yonanas lets you decide the ingredients, so if you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or allergic to certain foods, you are in control. You can also create these delicious treats without the hassle of cleanup, all the pieces can be put in the dishwasher. Go online or to the store and invest in a Yonanas machine. This machine is fun, easy, and creates the perfect summer treats without feeling guilty.