It can be hard to find non-dairy ice cream that sizes up to the real thing. I tested out 4 different ice cream shops in Philly that offer a dairy-free option, and I rated based off my Spoon system in multiple categories to see who is the winner.

Scoop DeVille

Price: 4 Spoons. It's a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Taste: 5 Spoons. It's so creamy that it's hard to tell there isn't any dairy. 

Presentation: 4 Spoons. If you choose to create your own blend, then the presentation will just be like regular ice cream. If you order a sundae, though, they put it in a glass mug and add decoration.

Variety: 5 Spoons. They use a soy milk vanilla base, and can make it into any flavor you want by blending in the toppings or powder. So basically, the menu is just as extensive as the regular ice cream menu!

Location: 5 Spoons. It's located on Walnut Street in Center City, and is a quick walk from the subway.

Franklin Fountain

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Olivia Morin

Price: 4 spoons. About the same cost as Scoop DeVille. 

Taste: 3 spoons. The dairy-free option is a little icy and doesn't have a strong flavor.

Presentation: 5 Spoons. They put it in a cute Chinese-takeout looking container.

Variety: 3 spoons. They only offer chocolate and vanilla, and then a seasonal ice flavor. But, there are many different topping options.

Location: 5 Spoons. Located in historic Old City, on Market Street.

Ben and Jerry's

Price: 4 spoons. A little pricey as well, but you get what you pay for!

Taste: 5 Spoons. Tastes very similar to real ice cream, especially because they have more than just basic chocolate and vanilla. You can read about the flavors here.

Presentation: 3 Spoons. Just a classic-looking ice cream, in a cup or cone.

Variety: 2 Spoons. They have 4 different vegan flavors to buy in stores, but most shops only offer 1 or 2 flavors to choose from.

Location: 5 Spoons. Located right by Rittenhouse Square. There's also another location near U-Penn.

Sweet Charlie's

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Olivia Morin

Price: 5 Spoons. Only $7 for unlimited toppings, including tax.

Taste: 4 Spoons. A little icy, but that's because they put cream on a frozen plate and instantly turn it into ice cream.

Presentation: 5 Spoons. The rolled look makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Variety: 5 Spoons. You just choose the vegan coconut base, and then can make any flavor they offer on the menu.

Location: 4 Spoons. Located on Walnut Street, but is a little walk from the subway.

Overall winner: 

Sweet Charlie's has the overall highest scores, but in my opinion, Scoop DeVille is the highest scorer for taste.

The next time your friends suggest going out for ice cream, you don't have to sit around and watch! You can suggest one of these places so both dairy and non-dairy eaters can enjoy.