Ever since I was little, I have always loved the peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich that is commonly known as a "fluffernutter" for a quick and easy lunch. There is something about the marshmallow flavor that pairs perfectly with creamy peanut butter. That being said, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about the fluffernutter.

In my experience, most people think that they are more like a dessert than a lunch food. I, myself, was only allowed to have one once a week in middle school because my mom said they were too unhealthy. However, when you actually compare a fluffernutter to the universally accepted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fluffernutters win.

Sugar Content

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Allison Curley

On the back of the Fluff jar, it clearly states that the serving size is two tablespoons with only 6 grams of sugar. However, if you look on the common bottle of grape or strawberry jelly, there can be up to 10 grams of sugar in only one tablespoon. 

Marshmallows are just gelatin, sugar, and water. While most jam and jellies say that they contain real fruit but, this isn't always the case. The base could be fruit extract, or could just have more high fructose corn syrup and fake sugar than real fruit. 

Allison Curley

Not only that, but this particular strawberry jam even has more calories than Fluff does in a smaller serving size. Sugar is something that is really easy to eat too much of in one day, especially in processed foods. So, it is actually amazing that something made out of marshmallows would be healthier to pair with peanut butter than fruit based jam. 

Long Live Fluff

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Allison Curley

While I am not suggesting that everyone should always eat marshmallows instead of fruit ingredients, Fluff contains less sugar and processed ingredients than most jams on the shelves of grocery stores. Fruit and natural sugars are always the best kinds to eat, but in this case, it would technically be healthier to indulge in a fluffernutter.

I personally think the flavor in a fluffernutter is way better than in a peanut butter and jelly anyway. If you pair a small sandwich full of natural peanut butter and a little Fluff with an apple and pretzels at lunch, you will be eating a pretty balanced meal. In fact, it will be better for you than if you decided to make a PB&J instead. 

So, I say long live Fluff because these are real nutritional facts that allow me to bargain with my mom and eat more marshmallows every day.