As the era of the infamous red one-piece from Sunny Co. Clothing comes to a close, it is time to make way for a swimsuit that is so much better. You don't even have to ruin your Instagram aesthetic for it. This new avocado swimsuit, made by the same company who brought women the notorious hairy-chested swimsuit, is already making beach appearances.

Not only is it much cheaper than the red swimsuit (if you were one of the unfortunate ones who had to buy it), but also, there are a few other reasons this is swimsuit is arguably much better than the red one.

1. You're Guaranteed to Get It

Say goodbye to the days of fervently reposting a picture of a swimsuit only to find out the company ran out and you're never actually going to get it. You can be sure to count on this one. 

2. It's Under $50

Don't worry, this avocado swimsuit is broke college student friendly. The red Pamela Sunny Suit from Sunny Co. is regularly priced at $64.99, but the avo suit is $49.95. Now you can go spend that $15 you save on something more important, like food.

3. It's An Avocado

Need I say more?

4. You Won't Have to Ruin Your Instagram Aesthetic With a Repost of It

Yes, I am going to notice when your whole Instagram is the "Gingham" filter and you opted for "Mayfair" on your overly reposted swimsuit pic. *Unfollow* 

5. You Won't Have a Clogged Instagram Feed of The Same Photo of The Same Swimsuit

Have you ever gone through your Instagram feed and thought, "Wow I must be the only one on the planet not sitting poolside in a red swimsuit today." Because same.

6. You Won't Match With Every Other Girl At The Pool/Beach

"Let's all wear matching swimsuits to the pool," said no one ever. 

So I say you go out and get your avocado one-piece today and embrace this period in time when it's not only possible to spread the fruit on your toast, but also wear it to the pool. And the best part about it? No reposts are required.