When Cookie DŌ hit the markets, New Yorkers went crazy for the newest dessert trend. This safe-to-eat, edible cookie dough has drawn tons of media attention over recent months, and has been blowing up Instagram feeds.

Luckily as part of their expansion, Cookie DŌ is teaming up with Citi Field in Queens this Spring. To my fellow Mets fans: this season just got a whole lot sweeter. 

What is DŌ?

Cookie DŌ Confectioners NYC was started by Kristen Tomlan, who obsessed over Easy-Bake ovens as a kid. Growing up, eating raw cookie dough was always her favorite part of baking. After moving to NYC from St. Louis, Kristen launched her mission of creating the best cookie dough you’ve ever had.

This new confectioners company allows lovers of cookie dough to enjoy it in anyway they please: straight from the mixing bowl in its ready to eat state, mixed in to ice cream, or baked to perfection.

They use the highest quality ingredients, and no added preservatives in every individual batch. They also offer vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free options.

Cup or Cone?

Customers can choose from a single, double, or triple scoop of a combination of ice cream and cookie dough served up in either a cup or cone with toppings of your choice.

Gourmet Ice cream sundaes, sandwiches and milkshakes are also offered. The store menu includes various baked treats including cookie dough fudge and brownies, cookie bombs, and of course classic cookies too.

Flavors include classics like chocolate chip, sugar cookie, brownie batter, and oatmeal M&M. Signature combos include Chocolate Dream: brownie batter, Oreo cookies, and chocolate chips, Fluffernutter: peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, and marshmallow fluff, and Confetti: signature dough, sprinkles, white chips, and chocolate chips.

Can I get that to go?

8oz containers of all current flavors, bite boxes of a dozen sample flavors, and tasting packs of three jars are also available to take home if you can't decide on just one flavor when you visit the store.

Where can I get some?

Orders for this sweet treat can be placed online for gifts, wholesale, or simple personal enjoyment. You can also visit the adorable new shop in Greenwich Village. Where else? Citi Field now boasts their very own concession stand in Queens

Gourmet Game day Eats?

Since opening in 2009 Citi Field has always been on top of the food game so it's no surprise they've attracted Cookie DŌ Confectioners for the 2017 season. Among the various clubs and levels of Citi Field, eating options include Pat LaFrieda's Chop House, Fuku sandwiches, Milkbar cookies, and Shake Shack Burgers.

And for the fans of the classics, options still include Nathan's Hot Dogs and crinkle cut fries, batting helmets filled with Mr. Softee and sprinkles, as well as pizza, nachos, cotton candy, and Cracker Jacks. 

Concession Stand Sweets

While the full menu for the Promenade Club location at Citi Field is yet to be released, it is clear that the popular confetti flavor has been adapted to help Mets fans root for the home team with orange and blue sprinkles.  

While this trendy sweet can't replace the memories of eating ice cream out of a batting helmet on hot summer days, Cookie DŌ Confectioners definitely will be giving Shake Shack a run for their money for longest lines in the ballpark.