1. Sometimes you wonder what other activity you can do in NYC other than eat.

2. You feel bad making the poor delivery guy ride his bike when it’s raining or snowing or huricaning, butttt you do it anyway.

3. Sometimes you wait in ridiculously long lines for food. Other times you hardcore judge people for waiting in ridiculously long lines.

4. An $8 price tag on a smoothie or a piece of avocado toast doesn’t phase you anymore.

5. The exact same street food cart smells amazing or disgusting, depending on your current mood.

6. A mixed drink under $10?! WHERE?!

7. You judge your out-of-town friends for not knowing what a Cronut is. Like seriously, do you live under a rock?

8. Trader Joe’s after 9am is just not even worth it.


9. Whole Foods at lunch time raises your blood pressure.

10. Bodegas give you an odd sense of comfort. There’s nothing like horrendous lighting and a bodega cat to make your mediocre sandwich seem like real food.

11. Sometimes you’ll eat 3 bagel sandwiches in a week. And that’s perfectly okay. Bagels__Photo_By_Katherine_Baker

12. Every time you go to another city you can’t believe how frickin’ cheap all the food is.

13. You complain about brunch waits, talk about how you’ll never go to brunch again, and then you go to brunch every weekend. Because it’s brunch.

14. Sometimes dollar pizza is really all you need.

15. You pretend not to care when your Chinese food arrives in a suspiciously short amount of time after you ordered it.

16. If you go to Trader Joe’s after 8pm it looks like the apocalypse has hit. Every. Single. Day.


17. You wonder who the hell goes to TGIFriday’s and Red Lobster in Times Square. Smdh.

18. You’ll never, ever be able to check every place off your bucket list because the damn list grows every day.

19. You hate the places that spring cash only on you. Where was the sign?!?

20. Those damn $5 credit card minimums…when all you want is a pack of gum.

21. There are days where you feel like the only person who has a genuine conversation with you is your cashier at Trader Joe’s. Thanks, bro.

22. $4 for an iced coffee?! Whatever. You totally need it.

23. You’ve held food up so the NYC skyline is a backdrop for a photo. And you’re unfazed when you see other people doing the same, even though it looks totally ridiculous.


24. The only time you travel to another borough is for food.

25. You’ve scoped out a restaurant because it looked really cool and trendy on someone’s Instagram.

26. You aspire to one day be that person who is rich enough to do all of their grocery shopping at Dean & Deluca’s. One day those $6 boxes of gummy bears will be yours, one day…

27. Smorgasbourg is the best thing EVER for rackin’ up your Insta likes.

28. Same with Union Square Farmer’s Market. The produce just looks so damn artsy every time.

 29. The epic steal of the $1 Nestle water bottle sold by the unidentified humans of Central Park.

 30. You appreciate the beauty of sliced mangoes from the mango cart ladies. HOW ARE THEY SO GOOD.


 31. On your own, you found a hole-in-the-wall, hidden gem restaurant. Even though it’s always crowded, it’s your shiny gem, you were the first to discover it, and then it got popular.

 32. You may or may not check The Infatuation, Thrillist, Tasting Table, and/or Eater NY more than actual news websites. Because The Cookie Shot is actually more important than alleged “real” news.

 33. You can justify the incredible amount of food you eat because you walk so much in NYC.

 34. You question the judgment of people who open their takeout dinners on the subway, and eat the whole thing. Wtf?


35. You occasionally think about how few food options some of your out-of-town friends have in their cities, and become overwhelmed with sadness for them. Some of them, like, don’t even have froyo shops. Poor kids.

 36. You’ve gone from not understanding how people can spend so much money on speciality foods, to becoming one of them.

 37. …But when your friends ask how you can afford to live in NYC you brag about all the amazing and cheap food options. “There’s this place called Caracas, and you can eat like a king for like, $7…” 

 38. It doesn’t surprise you when you make your birthday dinner reservation at a fancy place 2 months in advance and can only choose 4:00 or 10:00 as your dinner time. It’s fine, though, eating late is so New York.

 39. You appreciate the art of the meal-salad.

Photo by Becky Hughes

40. You can spot the difference between a Mister Softee truck and a Master Softee truck.

 41. And you’ve also had days when Seamless and delivery.com seem like the only sources of reliability in your life.

 42. You’ve eaten at a celebrity chef restaurant at least once, and totally took lots of pics for bragging rights.

 43. You just can’t wait til the day til your #EEEEEATS pic gets a feature.

44. There are a million lists of “the best” place to get pizza/bagels/coffee in the city, but you know the best spots, and that’s all that matters.

45. …Yet you still feel an overwhelming urge to go and try everything on every “Best” of New York lists.

46. You’ll do just about anything to avoid carrying heavy groceries up 6 flights of stairs. Even if that means your delivery bill is 10x higher.

47. Once you live in New York, food in all other cities seems inferior. You inadvertently become a complete and utter food snob.