I've been vegan for almost a year now and I absolutely adore the lifestyle. It makes me feel incredible, and I've learned so much about myself and food. At the same time, as I've gotten to know other vegans and perused the vegan options in grocery stores and on menus, I've noticed some especially annoying things. While these aren't obnoxious enough to turn me off of the lifestyle, they're annoying enough to make up a solid list for sure.

Here we go.

Bringing Up the Fact that They're Vegan

Of course, sometimes this must be said. But the stereotype can really be true. Vegans bring up that they're vegan for no reason! Friends, please stop doing this. Also, when I look at a bottle of water and it lists that it is vegan, why?

Calling out Non-Vegans

"You're eating a carcass right now" or "humans are not supposed to be drinking animal milk, that's disgusting" are (true) statements that will never work to convince anybody. I've never understood this. Please keep comments like this to yourself and try leading by example.

Things Must Be "Raw" to be Eaten

I saw a recipe for "Raw Vegan Oreos." Why?? Oreos are already vegan! This is so dramatic. Of course, some people eat completely raw vegan so this is a great option for them, but for most of us, we'll just take the plain Oreo

Excessive Use of Coconut Oil

Canola oil is vegan, olive oil is vegan. Yet for some reason, every vegan recipe HAS to use coconut oil. All of my vegan friends are obsessed with it and use it for their hair, as lotion, in food, to whiten their teeth, and countless other uses. But do I still have a jar of coconut oil in my pantry that is bigger than my head? Did I just write an article about a DIY coconut oil body butter? Maybe.


People, especially vegans, have the idea that something is healthy just because it is vegan. Oreos are really really not, for example. In other cases, things that are not supposed to be healthy become healthy when they are vegan-ized. Like healthy doughnuts. No thank you! I want unhealthy vegan doughnuts! Healthy≠Vegan

They Only Eat Salad

Maybe this is your preference, but I strongly doubt that. OMG, please please show your non-vegan friends how much incredible food there is to eat that is not just salad. I love an abundant salad from Sweetgreen just like any other friendly vegan but I can't survive solely off of leaves. I am saving animals and the planet and yet some vegans will still make me feel bad when I order fries instead of the side salad!


Kale everywhere. Kale chips. Even chocolate covered kale chips! Anybody could eat these products, but who actually does? The vegans. I haven't met a single vegan who is not completely head over heels in love with kale. We get it. It is green, and healthy, just like you. 

Pretentious Ingredients

This can't always be helped, and not only vegans are at fault here, but honestly, hearing about the "Goji berry flax and chia seed date muffins" your vegan friend brought as a snack is obnoxious.

Living Compassionately

Okay so this one is a bit sarcastic. Vegans are so often made fun of for our lifestyle choices when we are making a positive change for ourselves, the animals, and the planet. If you're going to drag a vegan for something, please just let it be any of the other items on this list!

Yeah yeah, vegans can be annoying just by virtue of having a somewhat complicated lifestyle, but even vegans get annoyed by things other vegans do. At the end of the day, it is all in good fun. I could write a billion articles about how annoying meat-eaters are, but I won't, because I'm not an "annoying vegan." #govegan