It’s out with FroYo and in with FoMu everyone, mark my words.

Hailing from our own Allston, Mass., is a magical place with a frozen treat that is creamier and more decadent and heavenly than any ice cream I’ve ever had, and it isn’t even made from a cow. Fortunately I’ve passed the mark to fall victim to the clichéd “freshman 15” and can pack on the pounds whenever I want sans labeling. World, meet FoMu.

ice cream

Photo by Andrew Zaky

This ice cream alternative is composed of coconut milk sweetened with organic agave and organic unrefined cane sugar; thus, while the nutrition label may read similar to that of dairy ice cream, your body will be praising you for its impressively high nutrient-density. Better yet, only locally sourced ingredients are added to the base when creating their delicious flavors – of which there are many.

FoMu has you covered with all of the classics: cookie dough, mint chip, strawberry, chocolate brownie, vanilla bean, espresso, cookies and cream, cake batter…the list goes on. Feeling a little more spunky? Give their rosewater saffron, mango habanero, banoffee pie or avocado options a try. Or, if you’re lucky enough to swing by before the official end of fall, you can get yourself a cup (or four) of their current seasonal flavors, pumpkin and apple cider donut, which happen to be my favorite.

What’s the secret to such a delectable dessert? FoMu churns the coconut ice cream in small batches with little air, resulting in a gelato-like consistency. And better yet, they take similar care with the rest of their dairy-free treats. All gluten-free, nut-free and/or soy-free, vegan baked goods and drinks are made from only top-notch local ingredients, so your tummy can feel happy while your conscience does too.

ice cream

Photo by Sarah Wu

If you don’t live near Allston, please take a moment to wipe the tear and/or drool mess flowing down your face; fortunately, you can dig your spoon into some of FoMu’s ice cream at their Jamaica Plain location or various retail stores and restaurants in the greater-Boston area. If that’s still not close enough, you can order pintfulls of FoMu online to be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the contiguous United States. Don’t forget to mention my name…at this point they’ll probably give you a discount.


Photo by Sarah Wu.


Location: 481 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA 02134
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat 11am to 11:30pm

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