“Do what you love and love what you do” is easier said than done when it comes to choosing a career. The balance between passion and a steady paycheck can be trying when side hobbies don't align with available jobs.  

Even without Bobby Flay’s knife skills or the culinary expertise seen on Hulu’s The Bear, there are plenty of opportunities in and out of the kitchen to pursue food professionally. Do you have a solid knowledge of spices? Love baking? Consider yourself a chocolate extraordinaire? Get your resume, there’s a job for you.

These companies are looking for enthusiastic foodies to join their team and engage in delicious projects. “Do what you love” becomes a whole lot easier, especially when samples are involved.

1. McCormick

When it comes to spices, no company rivals the near-150 years of seasoning prowess of McCormick. I can’t think of a time where their signature box of black pepper wasn’t in my pantry or little red-capped containers didn’t dispense my go-to herbs. Top tier spices aren’t manufactured overnight. They require months of development, frequent taste tests, and a solid grasp on the ins and outs of food science. Snack Seasonings Product Development Scientists have the chance to invent McCormick’s next beloved spice blend of the brand’s line up. You could create the next cult classic like Old Bay.

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Who doesn’t remember the cronut craze of 2013 that had thousands lining up in front of Dominique Ansel’s Spring Street location for a taste of the flaky treat? Since his skyrocket to international fame, head chef Dominique Ansel has continued to push the envelope of indulgence when it comes to his menu. Ten years later, the bakery churns out exquisite French pastries and chocolates, including a new flavor of cronut each month. The New York City staple is looking for a new Chocolatier to uphold the bakery’s high dessert standards and oversee the creation of a multitude of cocoa-based delights.

3. Feeding America

The convergence of food, advocacy, and public service, Feeding America is the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S fighting to end hunger through concerted action. Focused on combating food waste and creating a network of food banks, food pantries, and community organizations in every region, Feeding America is looking for passionate workers and volunteers to join their initiative. Headquartered in Chicago with locations across the country, there are plenty of ways to get involved on the frontlines.

4. Starbucks

All secret menu items and Starbucks refreshers have to start somewhere, and that’s with the Research and Development team. Caffeine addicted and a lover of frappuccinos? Might be time to move to Seattle. Channel the at-home barista tactics you learned during the pandemic and make a living off of coffee innovation. From pomegranate-flavored beverages to product prototypes, at the brand’s Tryer Center lab, Starbucks claims anything is possible.

5. HelloFresh

With a mission to remove the hassle from homemade cooking, HelloFresh is constantly dishing out new ready-to-make meals. The brand’s Recipe Developers participate in frequent tasting panels and are responsible for creating two to three recipes a week, including those fit for vegan and vegetarian diets. Be the mind behind the next “Hall of Fame” menu item like Bacon & Green Pepper Mac and Cheese or Crunchy Curry Chickpea Bowls. Multiple languages are a plus to aid with the translation of all recipe cards and ingredients along with prior recipe experience.

6. Chobani

Known for their array of Greek-style yogurts, Flip cups, and SoHo café, Chobani is looking for a Social Media Manager to spread the parfait love across all platforms. Developing posts, collaborating with CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, and depicting just how delicious their Key Lime yogurt is (the answer: very) is all part of the position. Impeccable storytellers and breakfast enthusiasts are encouraged to apply.

7. Cava

I am not quiet about my affinity for hummus. Cava’s Spicy Hummus basically carried me through freshman year, and there’s a reason lines snake out the door at lunchtime in front of their NYC locations. If you’re as excited by chickpeas as I am, join the Cava team as a manager, designer, or PR coordinator. Beloved by influencers like Meredith Hayden and Emma Chamberlain, you too could promote the Mediterranean goodness packed into every Cava bowl. Ideal candidates are experienced communicators, creative and, of course, always craving falafel.

8. Levain

Levain is to cookies what Dominique Ansel is to cronuts. Its unbeatable chocolate chip walnut cookie — above other competitors due to its thickness and gooey inside — made the brand’s iconic West 74th location a neighborhood staple. Now, Levain’s cookies are available fresh in five major cities across the country and are shipped daily to customers nationwide. From in-house bakers to general managers, Levain is looking to expand the cookie family and keep the homemade spirit alive.