College can be one of the hardest times in anyone's life to maintain self care and a budget. With such easy access to social media and so many creative entrepreneurs out there, life can be a little bit easier. (Just a little.) I've personally found that ordering from a meal subscription, with weekly deliveries, fresh ingredients, and recipes that you can cook in under 30 minutes, has made my life just that much easier. 

As a commuting student, I find it difficult to remember to eat, and to do so within a reasonable budget. Often times, I buy groceries and half of the food goes to waste because I forget to use it or I'm just too busy to prepare any meals. I hate wasting money on groceries I don't end up eating, but eating out or ordering take-out for every meal also costs so much money! If this is a problem that you've experienced, here's how a meal subscription like Hello Fresh can help you!

How to Hello Fresh as a College Student!

Whether you're on campus, off campus, or still living at home with the folks, a meal subscription can work for everyone. I really like the service Hello Fresh. It is extremely adaptable to whatever best works for you, with deliveries every Wednesday and the ability to choose the number of meals a week and the amount of servings per meal!

I ordered 3 meals per week and 2 servings per meal. My family and I do not agree on cooking at all so I'm on my own with my creative concoctions in the kitchen. #Spoontip: You can pause your orders at any time, so if you are going away or need to save a bit of cash, you can take a break whenever you want!

Each week has at least 20 options to choose from, and there is so much variety week-to-week so that meals aren't repetitive!

When your Hello Fresh order is delivered to your house (which happens every Wednesday!) it comes with the PRECISE amount of each ingredient that you need for the recipe. No more wasting food!!! You'll receive a sheet listing each recipe and its ingredients. Each individual recipe is packaged separately to keep things organized.

The box is iced, so the ingredients stay fresh until you come home (or pick up your box from the campus post office if you live on campus). Everything is SUPER fresh, the same as if you had just went to the grocery store yourself. Yes, that fresh! Many of the recipes can be made in under 30 minutes or just over. Each recipe I have made so far has been delicious!

Depending on what package you get, prices do vary. For what you are getting from this meal subscription–the fresh ingredients, the creative and fun recipes, the time saved from grocery shopping and from trying to find recipes yourself, no more wasted food–it is worth every single penny. It is also great for students who do not have a ton of cooking experience; all you have to do is follow the directions on the recipe and use the pre-portioned ingredients for a delicious meal!

With endless options and such an easy process, how can you not say Hello to Hello Fresh!