There's nothing better than making a difference in your own community, but sometimes as a college student, it’s hard to do that. A lot of change comes as a result of money, one thing that most students are short on (hence our reputation for eating ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner). But, with the 5th annual “Power Your Lunchbox Promise” campaign by Produce for Kids, your promise to eat healthy is all you need to make a difference and help Feeding America.

Not only does this pledge help to provide lunches to those in need, but it also helps to keep you healthy too. On Aug. 6, each promise made through the Produce for Kids website to eat a healthier lunch will lead to a $1 donation to Feeding America by the company for families in need. This is huge. One dollar may not seem like much, but that equates to 10 meals, which is truly amazing. 

Last year, over 48,000 classrooms and families made the pledge to eat healthier lunches, which lead to over 500,000 meals donated to those in need through Feeding America. Even though these numbers were exceptional, Produce for Kids is looking to beat that this year, and they’re confident that with your help they can do it. And it's easy to help! Taking a minute to make the pledge can transform a life.

Produce for Kids is an organization that brings the produce community members together in order to spread the word about healthy eating habits as well as raise money for various nonprofits through partnerships. They also feature healthy recipes on their website, which is just an added bonus to all the good they do for the community.