With summer in full swing, there's no better time to start downloading all the best music to jam out to. Thanks to Chobani and Spotify's new platform called  "Flipland," finding the best pool party music has never been easier. 

What is "Flipland"? 

Photo courtesy of Chobani

Located on Chobani's main website, "Flipland" is a new creative space that enables you to discover tasty Chobani "flip" yogurt products, and matching Spotify playlists. 

Back me up, what is a "Flip" yogurt?

Photo courtesy of Chobani

Each Chobani "flip" Greek yogurt comes in a 5.3oz container, divided into two sections: half Greek yogurt, with the other side containing a variety of toppings. Simply flip the cup in half, mix the toppings together, and you have a delicious parfait with no effort whatsoever. 

OK, how do I find my matching playlist ? 

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Denise Uy

There are two ways to find your ideal "flip" yogurt flavor and matching Spotify playlist. 

Option 1: Click on this link, enter your favorite track, and Chobani will automatically suggest both the perfect "Flip" Greek yogurt flavor for you, and a rocking playlist.

Option 2: Can't decide on one track? Click on the same link to instantly connect your Spotify account. You'll get your personalized "flip" flavor and a pretty cool playlist based on your Spotify history in seconds. 

Piece of cake right?

How good are these playlists, really?

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Julia Gilman

Pretty awesome. Like Post Malone, Zedd, and Maroon 5 good. 

How long is "Flipland" available?

Photo courtesy of Chobani

Since Chobani and Spotify decided to partner together, these playlists are available forever! Now you'll never get bored of the same music again!

Anything else I should know?

Caty Schnack

Yes, actually. Aside from finding new and mouthwatering "Flip" flavors suggested just for you, plus some awesome music, you'll even get a coupon to purchase your next "Flip" yogurt. Chobani has seriously never made your life any easier.