There is a plethora of spices that every cook needs in the kitchen. Whether you are a meat lover, fish enthusiast, or veggie connoisseur, these are the 10 spices every cook needs in the kitchen.  

According to the American Spice Trade Association, known as the A-S-T-A,  a spice is any aromatic vegetable substance that has either been broken down or in the whole form.

The A-S-T-A says a spices' sole function is to provide seasoning, without nutritional value. The A-S-T-A has a spice list, which contributes to the learning of spices and cooking as a whole. 

1. McCormick's Italian Herb Seasoning Grinder 

Emily Sauchelli

This Italian herb grinder is more than just a seasoning. To me, it embodies all the flavors that you need to make any of your dishes taste amazing! This grinder tastes great with meat, fish, poultry and even on eggs and for appetizers. It's a universal spice in my book! 

*KEY RECIPE: This Italian herb grinder sprinkled on any pasta dish is sure to bring a smile to any face. The variety of flavors the spice brings makes it a family staple for any kitchen. After the pasta is cooked, grind the spice onto the pasta and mix it up and you have an inviting dish! 

2. McCormick's Perfect Pinch Lemon and Pepper Seasoning

Emily Sauchelli

Lemon Pepper works great on fish (i.e. salmon, flounder) and poultry (i.e. chicken, turkey) The best way to get the most out of this seasoning is to prep it first onto whatever you plan on cooking, then let the fish or poultry marinate. 

*KEY RECIPE: Find a recipe for baked salmon, taking the skin off and add the lemon pepper seasoning as a marinade before putting into the oven. Adding a bit of olive oil is a great tool to add flavor and acts like a glue so the spice sticks to the salmon.

3. Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends (Poultry Magic) 

Emily Sauchelli

Originating from New Orleans, LA, Chef Paul Prudhomme's cooking is all about southern comfort. His poultry magic seasoning tastes great on a variety of foods. Chicken, fish, and turkey are just some of the ways this spice is victorious. 

*KEY RECIPE: Follow a Chicken or Turkey Roast recipe, and add the poultry magic spice as a rub on top before putting in the oven. Adding a bit of e-v-o-o at the end helps the spice stick to the poultry. 

4. Saltopia Artisan-Infused Sea Salt

Emily Sauchelli

Saltopia salt company has a variety of flavored salts for any kind of cooking you have in mind. This particular flavor pictured above, (black truffle infused sea salt) has many different uses. Whatever the recipe, flavored sea-salts come in handy. They add a specific flavor to your dish. In general, sea salts go great on pasta, cream sauces, and even in a serving dish to add on top of anything you wish. 

*KEY RECIPE: Saltopia tastes delicious on any kind of poultry or  pork dish. Also sprinkling saltopia onto veggies such as peppers and onions brings out the flavors of the spice. Chicken marsala is a classic dish that works wonders. 

5. McCormick Grill Mates, Montreal Steak Seasoning

Emily Sauchelli

Of course, steak is a great dish that works well with this spice. This Montreal steak seasoning pairs well with anything off the grill. Marinate on burgers, shrimp, fish and even veggies. It may be salty, but it packs a punch! 

*KEY RECIPE: Steak is a great main course with a side of garlic-mashed potatoes and green beans. Its a comfort meal thats sure to win with the whole family. 

6. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one of those fun spices that is more often than not used in making dessert. However, you can sometimes use cinnamon in breakfast dishes, as well as entrees. 

*KEY RECIPE: Cinnamon is essential in making french toast. First grab a few eggs for how every many pieces of bread. I usually use 2 eggs for 4 pieces of toast. Mix in desired amount of cinnamon with the eggs, then cover each piece of bread with the cinnamon/egg mixture. 

7. Crushed Red Pepper 

Emily Sauchelli

Red pepper flakes is one of the those spices that is universal. It can go on pizza, pasta, and even veggies. Use it for a little kick or pile it on top of your favorite barbeque dish. 

*KEY RECIPE: Cook desired pasta with a garlic and olive oil sauce. Add red pepper flakes to the sauce for a spicy garnish. and on top of the pasta if so desired. Add parmesan cheese to the top of your pasta as well as some parsley for color. 

8. Garlic

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In my opinion, garlic is essential for every kitchen. Whether you prefer Italian-style cooking, Chinese or consider your cooking Americana, garlic is there to bring out all the flavors.  

*KEY RECIPE: An easy side for any dinner is broccoli with garlic and oil. This dish works is very easy to make and can be eaten hot or cold. Roast the garlic in olive oil until the garlic starts to simmer. Place the broccoli in the pan and put in a full cup of water into the pan. Let the broccoli cook and take out once the broccoli turns bright green.

9. Rosemary 

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Rosemary is a spice that has earthy notes to it and tastes great on any kind of comfort food. Pork, chicken and turkey are the best to use as you can stuff rosemary and other spices into these meats. 

*KEY RECIPE: Potato wedges in olive oil and spices make a hardy side dishy thats easy and fun. Heat the pan with olive oil and cut up potatoes into pieces and fry them till golden brown. Place sprigs of rosemary into the pan allowing flavors to marinate. 

10. Basil

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Basil is one of my favorite spices to use in the kitchen as it works in a variety of the dishes I make. Basil is necessary to use when making tomato sauces, as it enhances the flavors of the tomatoes. 

*KEY RECIPE: Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic Italian dish where basil is a key ingredient. After sauce is coming to a boil, add small bunches of basil to the pot.  

These 10 spices every cook needs in the kitchen is very useful for any chef. Whether you are at the beginner's level or you are well-trained in the kitchen, these spices are key to great dishes with friends and family!