Every college student looks forward to spring break. It's that time of the year where you get a whole week to blow off homework, forget life and just live (something we forgot how to do thanks to our workload.) Everyone is entitled to a break every once and a while, right?

Well, I need you guys to perk up because help has arrived. Here's how you can give yourself a break, during break. 

1. Find the Right People to Chill With 

Photo by Annie Theby | Unsplash

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It's not a party unless you have your girlfriends or your bros with you. So plan something during spring break that will include them. Having company can take your mind off of stressful topics. Plus, you guys will be too busy running around, crossing things off your bucket list.

However, there are people who want to be alone and it's not entirely a bad thing. Some people just want to appreciate their own company and not be bothered. Everyone has their preferences.

2. Eliminate Negativity

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Marina Wollmann

There's always that one person who will suck the fun out of everything. They'll bring their problems on the trip or blow your phone up by seeking comfort and advice from you. Yes, being there in times of need is a good thing; but it's okay to be selfish sometimes. Stress is bad for the soul and drama shouldn't be invited to your getaway.

3. Meet Someone New

In school, they stress the issue of networking and this is something we might want to carry with us during spring break. Meeting new people is fun and exciting. It'll make you forget your problems with others, smile, and laugh more. Laughter is good medicine.

4. Avoid Social Media

Don't press that button! Delete the app if necessary. You're suppose to be on break, you know? Forgetting reality, having fun, relaxing, exploring...remember those terms? Social media isn't going to get you there. We're already glued to our phones during boring lectures anyway; why not give your phone a break too?

5. Ignore Calls or Text

You're not obligated to respond to a text or answer a call during break. You can go MIA for a while, and those people will still be there when you get back. 

6. Take Time off Work

I understand that spring break is the perfect week to get in all the hours you can at work; but you owe it to yourself to take a break. (Trust me, I've been there.)

If you can't manage to get the whole week off, take a few days for yourself. (I like to take at least three days off.) Breaks are available to us for a reason, and that's because you've earned it.

7. Hobbies Included?

Olivia Chadwick

Some people find pleasure in working on their hobbies during the break and that's completely fine. Just don't overdo it.

Something I like to do is work on my photography and production skills. I'll create video clips of my adventures and take pictures of a little bit of everything. It's fun and soothing for me. Whatever helps you to relax; just do it.

Once again, I will say that everyone is entitled to a break. So toss that textbook to the side and pick up a margarita. Take a couple of days off and forget about that project your professor assigned to you the day before spring break. This week is suppose to be all about you, so live it up.