After weeks of chilly winds and bleak winter days, spring break is finally upon us. In anticipation of a few rough mornings, the regret of certain late-night texts or even that last shot of tequila, I went on a mission to find what I could do to help me get over the impending hangovers and survive the day. In addition to drinking a lot of water and taking a cold shower the next day, eating a hearty breakfast can help do the trick as well. These three recipes will get you past the dizziness and rallied in no time.

Breakfast Bite Low-Fat Cookies

Photo by Maia Vernacchia" src="" alt="hangover" width="1024" height="683" />

Photo by Maia Vernacchia

For those of you who will be semi-sober enough the next morning to be concerned about calories, indulge your sweet tooth with these healthy breakfast cookies. The bananas are full of potassium that will revive your body after a draining night of partying. Find the recipe here.

Hangover Hash Browns

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Photo by Alex Vu

If you need something a little bit more substantial to cure that headache, you’ll need a good combination of starch and fat. Complete with bacon, eggs and potatoes, this dish will definitely get you motivated to start the cycle all over again. Dig in with this recipe.

Wholesome and Healthy Banana Pancakes

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Photo by Hannah Morse

Last but not least, if you need some TLC, or maybe just the knowledge that others are in the same boat, whip up a batch of these banana pancakes, gather the troops and forget yesterday’s questionable decisions. This recipe is light on the fats but indulgent in its own right, striking a good balance between a hungry hangover and a bikini-body-conscious breakfast.


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