With second semester in full swing and midterm season approaching us (ew), there is one thing we can all look forward to – Spring Break. If you are one of the lucky ones and get to hop aboard a flight to warmer weather, you’re going to want to be ready to dig out your bathing suits and run (or in my case, sprint) to the beach.

While you may not feel so beach body ready with the effects of syllabus week and late-night pizza trips still showing on the scale, you have a few weeks to prepare yourself to look and feel your best under the spring break sun.

Strict dieting can be unhealthy and there isn’t enough time in the day to spend hours at the gym. So here are some easy ways to change your daily routine and have you feeling great just in time for vacation.

Hydrate at every opportunity

Spring Break

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Hydration is the key fix to feeling better at any time and a rule that I live by. This year I decided to step up my hydration game and started drinking 3,000 mL of water a day (this seems like a lot but it’s really only one Nalgene bottle at each meal). It gives you more energy, helps you stay fuller longer and can get rid of bloat.  To keep track of your water intake, buy a reusable glass bottle like these.

Rethink late night snack options

Spring Break

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It’s become way too easy to make a pizza order on your phone after a night out. Instead of spending the calories, and more importantly the money, on something you will regret in the morning, plan something to keep in your dorm or apartment for those late nights when you get home. Foods like popcorn or whole grain pretzels can do the trick. Check out more healthy food options here.

Add more fiber to your diet

Spring Break

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Adding fiber to your diet can be beneficial for many reasons. Fiber slows the absorption of nutrients being digested and can help you stay fuller longer. Some of my favorite fiber-rich foods include avocado, raspberries, and veggies. Fiber-rich foods over all have a low glycemic index, meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar levels after you eat them. In addition, fiber keeps your digestive system in order and reduces bloat (AKA makes you look like a Victoria’s Secret model).

Drink hot water with lemon

Spring Break

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Detoxing with hot water and lemon is a great way to calm your stomach after a large meal and is also a great alternative to coffee. Drinking hot lemon water can cut out the extra sugar and calories of a Starbucks drink while saving you the big bucks at the same time. In addition, this tip can boost your immune system and clear your skin.

Get enough sleep

Spring Break

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Probably the most obvious of steps to take, sleeping has a number of benefits. Getting enough sleep is a hard task for most college kids. Challenge yourself to sleeping an extra hour or two a night the week before your trip. Sleep benefits your body by maintaining a healthy immune system, a happy mood and your health overall.

The thought of getting back into that string bikini can be daunting, but these steps will have you feeling better and ready to kill the Insta game on spring break.