Wondering where to go on Spring Break? Well, what better way to decide than going to your own zodiac sign for advice. Whether that leads you to some good ol' R & R by the oceanside or all day and all night partying, you probably have a lot in store for your upcoming vacation. So get those suitcases packed because traveling is in your future.

Capricorn - Cabo

Honestly, you deserve it. Go you. You’re ambitious and a go-getter, so chances are the pairing of those have left you dreaming of spring break more than ever right now. Water views and nights as long as you desire await you. Boat tours or scuba diving are just two of the activities you can find yourself during the day doing.

Too long of a night? (Which, no offense, is possible to happen because you probably had a jam packed day of sight-seeing). Well perfect because Cabo is the ideal place for you to catch up on some rays during the day and party the night away.

Possible Places for you to stay:

$$$ - Casa Bella Boutique Resort

$$- ME Cabo San Lucas

$- Villa Del Palmar

Aquarius - Madrid

Oh you fancy huh? You’re an Aquarius, so we get it you’re spontaneous, trust us we know. So it looks like you are all set to head overseas to none other than España! Hope you’ve pre-watched Cheetah Girls 2 because you and you’re other Aquarius chicas are able to become true amigas cheetahs this spring break and because you’re an Aquarius there’s no doubt you’ll have trouble finding a group of girls.

This trip will give you a little culture, so during the day you can travel and see the famous sites like Buen Retiro Park and Royal Palace of Madrid. That doesn’t mean you’re heading to bed early in the noche however, Madrid’s known for its crazy nightlife so don’t you for a second thing your spring break will be anything without a couple hundred tequila shots.

Possible Places for you to stay:

$$$ - Hotel Villa Magna

$$- Hotel Orfila

$- Gran Melia Fenix 

Pisces - Aspen

You’re worldly yes but this break you’re going to steer away from that trait and immerse yourself in the imaginative somewhat sporty yet spa mixture sort of vibe of Aspen. Otherwise known as the cool girl (guy) vibe, you got this.

So stop being scatterbrained this break, which you can so easily be, and don’t be fearful of the black diamond trails that can lie ahead. Grab a Moscow Mule after a day on the slopes or after hours in the spa if you’re having an oh so classic lazy Pisces day. Get absorbed in the calm good vibes and you will have a nice chill-ish, with the exception of those late nights as the cool-girl at the bar, break.

Possible Places for you to stay:

$$$ - St. Regis Aspen

$$- Westin Snowmass

$- Pokolodi Lodge 

Aries - Miami

You’re in Miami biiitchh! Ya that was cliché I know but look past it because it was too fitting for your betchy upcoming break. You’re a little impulsive so I worry for your bank account when it comes to the street shopping and the nightlife shots...yikes.

Get that courageous side revved up because Miami nightlife, Miami sun and Miami beach are all calling your independent name but that doesn’t mean you’re going alone. Grab your wolf-pack and because your go-getter (better term for betchy right?) side is going to have a blast, probably too much of a blast.

Possible Places for you to stay:

$$$- Fontainebleau Hotel

$$- Intercontinental Miami

$- Dream South Beach  

Taurus - Punta Cana

You might be a little materialistic so Punta Cana has a side that is the crazy party side and the nice luxurious resort side. You may also be pretty ambitious so why don’t you get your ass onto an ATV and ride around what the lovely Dominican Republic has to offer. Visit Hoyo Azul and you will be absolutely gob-smacked, I can promise you that.

But it is not all outdoorsy and nature, so you can get your sensual self up on a nearby stage at the nightclub nearest, or farthest from you. Whether that be Coco Bongo or another crazy club, this is the kind of nightlife Spring Break stories are raging about.

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

$$- Dreams Palm Beach Resort & Spa

$- Barcelo Bavaro – Adults Only

Gemini - St. Lucia

Of all people to appreciate the beautiful views St. Lucia has to offer, it would definitely be the Geminis. Quick witted and sociable you’ll be able to take in all the great scenes and connect with the locals. Mountain ridges and secret bays like the Marigot Bay can take up your time. Or a simple boat tour that ends at the Sulfur Springs Park. It all sounds a bit bleh but once you catch sight of the views I promise you it’ll be worth it.

This Spring Break you can catch some rays and get some much need relaxation. Hit up the well-known mud baths you’ll get clear skin while partaking in an activity that will be sure to bring envy upon all your friends at home. Chic Chic Chic, you could write your own travel blog. Can’t promise it would be popular since you are so indecisive but hey, you have the material for it.

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- Anse Chastanet Resort St Lucia

$$-Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

$- Villa Beach

Cancer - Cancun

Slow down now! No chance anyone will be holding you back this Spring Break because you’re heading to the one, the only, Can-freaking-cun!! Leave you’re typical pessimistic side at home and only pack your itty bikinis (or tight trunks) and your spontaneous trait which everyone loves so much. It’s an all night, all day, sort of spring break for you. Maybe take it slow for a couple days and bathe yourself in the sunlight.

Do not be moody if one night doesn’t go your way because anything and everything can happen in Cancun. Fingers crossed for your liver after this trip because it sure is in for a beating.

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- The Ritz-Carlton Cancun

$$- Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

$- GR Caribe by Solaris Deluxe All Inclusive Resort

Leo - Bora Bora

Ugh. People are going to hate you. Your social media will definitely be booming after this vacay in far-away dream world and you are going to be hated by so many people. Not in a bad way. Does that make sense?

Anyways, the air of royalty you have about you will surely be granted and limelight is something you will be soaking in. We know you love that, secretly of course. Anywhere you stay you will be surrounded by water. Perfect views, perfect food. You will be surrounded by luxury and you will be swimming in it, literally and metaphorically

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora

$$- Hotel Sofitel Bora Bora Manrara Beach Resort

$- Hotel Maitai Polynesia

Virgo - Kingston

Yaaamon! This spring break will get you back on your own two feet in the best way possible. Why? Because of the island spirit, nothing like some salt water breeze and Jamaican kindness to get you to stop being so overly reserved this 2017.

You’re modest so you aren’t going to brag about this trip via instagram but there is no doubt in my mind that you won’t be doing a ton of cool things. You’ll see the culture side of things but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get down and experience the two island R’s. Reggae and Rum. And lots of it. After all it’s Spring Break isn’t it?

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$ - Half Moon

$$- The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

$ - Courtleigh Hotel and Suites

Libra - Cyprus

You find it difficult to say no, trust me I know. That’s why you are finding yourself in such a far away place but in the best way. This Meditteranean island feel will get you to experience that Libra peace and harmony you love so much. Perfect vistas and picturesque water views, this unique Greek side of Cyprus is the best possible way for you to spend your Spring Break.

Don’t get stressed out with travel plans because it will be all worth it once you’re here. Water sports are a must, cocktails before that and or after will also be a must. Happy hour every night will not disappoint, especially with the known Vouni Panayia Winery to look forward to. And what Greek doesn’t like a good ol’ mythological tale? Hop yourself on over to Aphrodite’s Rock and maybe, hoping for you really I am, you can find some love on Spring Break.

Possible Places for you to stay:

$$$ - Vrissiana Beach Hotel

$$- The Annabelle

$- Londa Hotel

Scorpio - St. Barts

Don’t want to blow up your ego so much since you already have jet-setting with the stars in your near future BUT you’re not a Scorpio if you’re not fierce, which is probably why this is the perfect destination for you.

You’re commanding and strong so please don’t scare away your friends accompanying you on this trip, let them sit by the pool and absorb the sunlight if they want to. Yes, the flight is a little unnerving but what lies ahead will be worth it. Beautiful wine dinners and long nights are in your future.

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- Hotel Le Toiny

$$- Hotel Le Village Saint Barth

$- Hotel Emeraude Plage

Sagittarius - Ibiza

All day, all night baby. You’re a Sagittarius come on you can keep up you’re supposed to be energetic. AND you’re a big traveler, it’s a known thing. So what better pair than tropical Ibiza to party for 24 hours straight. Booze cruises lie ahead for you and oh so much more. Hangovers in the sun and getting a clean even tan. Sometimes you overdo it, so a nice day in the sun might need to be forced in their because you might push the whole party idea a little too hard.

You could always go to the infamous churches like Iglesia de Sant Rafel but you’re not fooling me if you’re telling me you’re interested in that. You’re also a Sagittarius so I know you won't lie, maybe try to not be too honest on this trip, you might want to make a couple friends.

Possible Places for you to stay :

$$$- Ibiza Gran Hotel

$$- Cas Gasi

$- Hotel Rural & Spa Can Curreu