Have you ever tasted something so delicious that it made you want to sing? Well now there are lyrics to accompany every bite of these mouthwatering delicacies. Just as a chef can alter a recipe to leave a different taste in your mouth, I took the choruses of these catchy songs and altered the lyrics to add a little more flavor to your favorite hits. 


Pizza is just like Vance Joy's hit song Riptide; it's a fan favorite. Riptide is the Australian artist's biggest hit, and pizza is a huge hit with everyone's tastebuds.

Lady, running down to the pizzeria

I just wanna stay inside

I want you to call the delivery man

I love you when you’re ordering pizza but

I got a lump in my throat because

You’re gonna get it with anchovies 


Ice cream is nostalgic. It reminds me of simpler times when I would eagerly wait for the ice cream truck to arrive at the beach when I was little. Others reminisce on scooping the tasty treat all summer long in order to save up for their first car. Ed Sheeran's song Photograph is about holding on to memories.  

We keep this food in a freezer

We made this ice cream for ourselves

Where our treat is never melting

Because it tastes best when

It’s forever frozen still

So you can eat it

With the spoon in the pocket of your ripped jeans

Holding it closer ‘til your tastebuds meet

But don’t ever eat it in a bowl, wait for me to bring cones


nigiri, fish, wasabi, seafood, rice, salmon, sashimi, tuna, sushi
Dylan Stilin

The title of Pharrell Williams' hit single matches how I feel about sushi; it makes me happy.  

Because I like sushi

Take a bite if you like when it hits your mouth’s roof

Because I like sushi

Take a bite if you feel like it brings happiness to you

Because I like sushi

Take a bite if you know that it is your favorite food

Because I like sushi

Take a bite if you feel like that’s what you wanna chew

Can't Stop the Feeling   

candy, chocolate, sweet, cake, strawberry
Grace Ling

Although I have my favorite traditional meals, just like the title of Justin Timberlake's hit single, I Can't Stop the Feeling when I want to try an exotic food.

And most nights you order everything to go

Nothing new to try when you stick with what you know

Take a bite, the flavor, you already know

But just imagine, just imagine, just imagine

Now it’s time to try new food so take a chance, chance, chance

Looking good, good, on that plate to you

So take a chance, chance, chance, come on

All those things you wouldn’t chew

But take a chance, chance, chance

And ain’t nobody eating boring foods, so keep chewing    

Shake it Off 

cookie, blueberry, chocolate
Spoon University

I love baking cookies. It's a relaxing hobby and I always enjoy the results. Some may say that I practice this hobby a little too often but just like Taylor Swift I Shake it Off.

‘Cause it’s cookie baking day, day, day, day, day

And the first batch I already ate, ate, ate, ate, ate

Baby, I’m just gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake

I bake a lot, I bake a lot

My belt might just break, break, break, break, break

‘Cause it’s more calories than I should take, take, take, take, take

Baby, I’m just gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake

I bake a lot, I bake a lot 

The next time one of these hits plays on the radio I hope it puts you in the mood to go out to eat, bake some cookies, or even try something exotic.