Christmas is fast approaching, and for all of you bakers out there that means cookie season is in full swing. Every year my mom, sister, and I bake a variety of assorted cookies to bring to holiday parties. Cookies are always a crowd pleaser and it's always fun swapping with others who make different kinds. To host a cookie swap of your own, have your friends make a dozen of each kind of cookie they plan on baking based on how many people you plan on swapping with.

Whether you have a recipe book dedicated to your favorite holiday cookie recipes or are looking for some fresh inspiration, these cookie recipes will get you on your way to having the best cookies at your cookie swap this holiday season. 

1. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

peanut butter, peanut, chocolate, butter
Annie Pinto

These peanut butter cookies are an ode to everyone's favorite combination: chocolate and peanut butter. These are always a crowd pleaser among family and friends and will be gone in seconds.

2. Anisette Cookies

Commonly referred to as Italian Knot cookies, these are a traditional Italian cookie my mom always makes for the holiday season. They melt right in your mouth and are so pretty covered in nonpareils.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie, chocolate, goody, sweet, cake, pastry, chocolate cookie, candy
Scott Harrington

A traditional cookie perfect for a cookie swap. I don't know anyone who makes them better than my younger sister. They are always soft, gooey, and turn out perfectly every time.

4. Sugar Cookies

cookie, sweet, gingerbread, candy, pastry, cake, chocolate
Kristine Mahan

Would it really be the holiday season without homemade sugar cookies? Sugar cookies are easy to make, and you can get creative with cookie cutters and decorating.

5. Chocolate Crinkle 

chocolate, sweet, candy, goody, cookie, cake, pastry, cream, sweetmeat
Emma Delaney

My personal favorite. Chocolate crinkle cookies are the perfect addition to your cookie swap for all the chocolate lovers' out there. Who wouldn't want a melt in your mouth cookie on their plate?

6. Coconut Macaroons 

sweet, pastry, cake, dairy product, chocolate, macaroon, cookie, candy
Gabby Phi

People either love or hate coconut so you might be taking a risk with these coconut macaroons. But there's no doubt that they are delicious if you're a coconut lover.

7. Snickerdoodles 

sweet, pastry, bread, cookie, cake, candy
Spoon University

The perfect blend of sugar, (cinnamon) spice, and everything nice. These snickerdoodles go perfectly with a warm glass of milk when you take them home for later.

8. Gingerbread Men

These are just adorable to look at. Like sugar cookies, you can get creative and decorate your gingerbread men/ women however you please.

9. Salted Toffee Brittle

milk chocolate, sweet, milk, candy, chocolate
Krista Stucchio

These are one of my mom's specialties. Although not a cookie, this salted toffee brittle is the perfect addition to your cookie swap. The base is a Saltine cracker, so you get the perfect combination of salty and sweet. You'll be begging for the recipe after tasting one of these.

10. Shortbread Cookies

cookie, peanut butter, butter, peanut, chocolate
Katie Zizmor

These shortbread are a classic and have been a family tradition for years. They're buttery and melt right in your mouth and will be a hit at your cookie swap this year.

11. Biscotti

banana, pastry, sweet, cookie, chocolate, bread, cake
Sayuri Sekimitsu

Another traditional Italian cookie known for being twice baked and crunchy. Biscotti can be made in a variety of flavors from cranberry, cinnamon sugar, to chocolate peanut butter. You'll be wanting to take home a lot of these to dunk in your morning coffee or tea.

12. Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Sydney Brown

These thumbprint cookies are another crowd pleaser that my mom always bakes. A melt in your mouth almond cookie filled with a raspberry jam. Dust with powdered sugar for an added touch. 

13. Gingersnaps

chocolate, cookie, sweet, molasses, pastry, ginger, candy, cake, gingerbread, bread
Maya Giaquinta

Another spice cookie added to the list. The smell of these gingersnaps alone will bring good holiday cheer and the feeling of Christmas at your party.

14. M&M's Cookies

M&M's cookies have always been one of my favorites. They are basically a chocolate chip cookie but with an added pop of color. They just look so festive especially when the holiday M&M's come around.

15. Magic Cookies Bars 

vegetable, rice
Xinwei Zeng

AKA seven layers of goodness, these cookie bars surely won't disappoint. Although these aren't your typical round cookie shape, they're the perfect addition you need in your cookie swap.

16. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

candy, pastry, oatmeal, cake, goody, oatmeal cookie, sweet, chocolate, cookie
Haley Abram

You can't go wrong with a classic. I don't know many people who love raisins, but you can't beat homemade oatmeal raisin cookies like your grandma used to make.

17. Packaged Cookies

If you're not a baker, there's nothing wrong with buying a box of cookies from the store. Although it's not ideal, at least you tried, right? If you're in need of inspiration, check out our list of the best store-bought cookies.