Long gone are the days when living a meat-free life meant eating nothing but sad bowls of rice and steamed vegetables. Today, vegetarian food is having a major moment. Chefs and bloggers alike are elevating plant-based food to a whole new level of flavor, and these 19 vegetarian comfort food recipes are a sign of the times.

Even if you eat meat, give some of these vegetarian comfort foods a try, and prepare to be delighted.

1. Cannoli French Toast

chocolate, cream, french toast, cake, pastry
Maddie Cole

For those days when you need to start off on a comforting note, this cannoli french toast is a must-have.

2. Vegan Garlic Mac and Cheese

macaroni, pasta, wheat, cheese
Eleanor Challenger

Noodles + cheese + garlic = yes, please. Make your own vegan mac and cheese and join the plant-based party.

2. Dark Chocolate, Raspberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

sweet, cake, sandwich, cheese, bread, jam, toast
Bernard Wen

Chocolate, fruit, and yummy warm cheese make for an ideal breakfast situation. This grilled cheese is a sweet and fancy upgrade on a classic.

3. Broccoli Parmesan Pasta

cheese, sauce, broccoli, macaroni, pasta
Katherine Baker

Warm noodles, steamed broccoli, and Parm make this pasta a simple standout. Bonus: it comes together in no time at all.

5. Carrot Cake Oatmeal

rice, oatmeal, porridge, cereal
Kristine Mahan

Basically like eating dessert for breakfast, this dish is pure comfort. Get the details for this cake-themed, but veggie-packed oatmeal bowl.

6. Guacamole Fries

meat, chicken
Max Bartick

Fried avocados? Hells to the yes. Watch the video for these beautiful sticks of fried avocado goodness and make your own.

7. Clean-Out-The-Fridge Soup

vegetable, tomato, legume, chili, sauce, meat, pepper
Katherine Baker

Few things are more comforting than soup. Make this soup recipe with any squash, potatoes, beans, and grains you have laying around, and enjoy a satisfying meal and a cleaned-out fridge.

8. Spicy Pumpkin Soup

cream, soup, bread, sweet
Kendra Valkema

In case creamy soup is more your style. Find out how to make this savory and spicy soup to warm right up on a cool day.

9. Tomato, Onion, & Basil One Pan Pasta

tomato, garlic, macaroni, vegetable, basil, pasta, spaghetti
Abigai Wang

An easy, fresh dinner with comforting flavors of tomato, basil, and onions. And of course, pasta. 

10. Shakshuka

meat, cream, vegetable, parsley, bread, soup
Rebecca Simonov

Another one-pot wonder. Get the instructions for this spicy, savory tomato and egg dish and wake up to your new favorite brunch.

11. Mouthwatering Vegan Pancakes

candy, cake, bread, pastry, chocolate, dairy product, cookie, pancake, butter, sweet
Allie Fenwick

A tall, fluffy stack of pancakes practically screams comfort. Learn how to make epic plant-based pancakes three ways.

12. Spicy Chickpea Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

bread, sandwich, salad, vegetable, lettuce, cheese
Charlotte Cohen

Sometimes nothing but a nice juicy burger will do. Get the recipe for these spiced chickpea burgers and dress it up with Sriracha mayo.

13. Pizza with Quinoa Crust

tomato, pizza, mozzarella, basil
Alex Frank

Fancy as can be, get the details for this simple, scrumptious pizza with a healthy homemade crust.

14. Veggie-Loaded Nachos with Homemade Chips

pepper, meat, vegetable, sauce
Maddy Placentini

This steaming hot platter of gooey, crunchy deliciousness comes together in 15 minutes. Get the recipe for these veggie-packed nachos for your next party...or for tonight's dinner.

15. Maple Glazed Stuffed Squash

acorn squash, squash, vegetable, pumpkin, sweet, rice
Kendra Valkema

Stuff yourself with carb-stuffed vegetables. Get the recipe for this rice-and-veggie packed squash bowl with a sweet maple glaze and enjoy a healthful comfort meal.

16. Sweet Potato Chili Cheese Fries

potato, sweet, sweet potato
Jessica DiFoggio

Topped with a vegan-friendly cashew cheese sauce, this meal is like a warm, filling hug. Get the recipe for these quinoa-meat filled sweet potato chili fries and enjoy a plant-based take on a classic.

17. Cashew Cheese-Stuffed Shells

vegetable, pasta, tomato, sauce, basil
Keni Lin

Pasta stuffed with anything sounds like a good idea. Learn how to make homemade vegan ricotta, then how to stuff it into pasta shells in this tasty dish.

18. Easy Indian Curry

onion, pork, chicken, meat, pepper, vegetable, rice
Vinita Saggurti

Veggie-packed spicy flavorful goodness can be yours in just a few minutes. Make this easy Indian curry next time you're in a hurry for a delicious meal.

19. Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese

toast, cheese
Jayna Goldstein

Unapologetically outrageous. This mac and cheese grilled cheese hybrid won't disappoint. 

Next time you're craving something to warm your belly and soul, give some of these tempting vegetarian comfort food recipes a try.