These past few days, crazy temperatures have been heating up the world. Because of this heat-wave, people are doing essentially anything they can to cool down, even running their AC so high that a whole city's power goes out. When the thermometer, or more realistically your weather app, tells you that it's over 100˚F outside, these ice tray hacks will help you more #coolness to your life. 

Instead of using an ice tray to make just plain ice, there are so many other options that can make life a lot easier and better. Don't get me wrong, I live for ice. No really, I have iced coffees 24/7/365 aka every day of the year. And yes, that includes the freezing cold winters. But, if you find yourself either with an extra ice tray that you aren't using or with watery drinks that are un-drinkable, here are some super easy ice tray hacks that will ~freeze~ your mind.   

1. Coffee Cubes 

Iced Pour Over photo by Wade Austin Ellis (@wadeaustinellis) on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

I looove filling up my ice coffees with a ton of ice, but it's always a fail once the ice starts to melt and my coffee gets watery. Coffee ice cubes are here to make watery coffee struggles a thing of the past. When these coffee cubes melt, they are just adding more coffee instead of water. GENIUS. If you don't read the rest of this article, please just listen to me when I say you MUST make these.

In addition to freezing simple black coffee in an ice tray, you can make ice cubes with all of your favorite flavors, such as mocha, vanilla bean, and Nutella, to take your morning coffee to the next level. To add even more sassiness to your #lame black coffee, whip up these super groovy milk and Oreo ice cubes.

2. Fruit Cubes 

strawberry and thyme ice cubes in a glass next to strawberries on Flickr

Frozen fruit cubes are the perfect way to infuse any drink with extra flavor that melts over time. Create interesting combos like strawberry and thyme, or stick with a classic watermelon. Or better yet, and my favorite, make mojito ice cubes! To avoid having to deal with loose greens while sipping, freeze fresh mint leaves in lime juice to add to your cocktail instead of plain ice. These mojito ice cubes will both keep your mojito chilled and add an additional refreshing minty taste.

3. Frozen Yogurt

Natsuko Mazany

I'm always looking for a delicious cool snack that can satisfy my insane sweet-tooth without having to eat ice cream after every single meal. Yes, I really did eat ice cream about five times in one day and do not regret it, but I'm constantly on the prowl for a more sustainable and nutritious option #health. So, if you are still missing a little sweetness, you can make yogurt covered pretzels, or better yet, chocolate covered pretzels. For a more healthful option (once again #health), try using chocolate yogurt.

4. Jell-O Shots

Jello Cubes 8-3-09 4

stevendepolo on Flickr

To make perfectly shaped jello shots without wasting tons of those mini plastic cups, use an ice tray instead. If you are tired of using Jell-O, which I assume is quite rare, try switching it up and making micro spiked fruit popsicles. Either way, these little colorful alcohol fruity squishy (?) things are sure to get any summer party started. HECK yes.

5. Wine Cubes

Fruity cocktails photo by Tomasz Rynkiewicz (@thmsr) on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

Ever have wine during a hot summer day and wish it stayed cooler for longer? If you haven't, then you are a lucky one, but I assure you this ice tray hack will save you (and your precious wine) in the very near future. Similar to the coffee ice cubes, you can use the wine cubes to keep your drink cool without it being diluted by water. For a fruity summer classic, add sangria ice cubes to your glass of wine or make this delicious red wine smoothie.

6. Chocolate Cubes

vanilla and chocolate ice cream cubes on Flickr

You can take these frozen chocolate cubes in many different directions. Similar to what they do in Europe with their fancy pour-over hot chocolates, place a few chocolate cubes in a mug and pour in very hot milk to melt the chocolate. This will impress really anyone. For a hint of sweetness in your morning coffee or for an afternoon sugar pick-me-up, freeze a mixture of milk and chocolate to use in your coffee instead of using regular milk.

I will never look at normal boring ice cubes the same ever again. These ice cube bowls are actually kinda dope, but maybe let's not with these hot dog water ice cubes. Please.