Ice, ice baby has NEVER been more relevant, since the most relevant, most significant thing in life is indeed pasta, and a restaurant (Tempura Matsu, Kyoto, Japan) has recently created a bowl of ice in which to serve it.

Inside this bowl (a giant brick of ice with a pocket scooped out on top) sits the tasty inaniwa udon dish: handicraft noodles prepared with mugwort and topped with raw quail egg yolk and wasabi. Other than looking epic, the bowl delivers an operative purpose. It adds water to the noodle broth as it melts. The chef at Tempura Matsu even advises customers to pick up the ice and sip up the cold, water-abundant udon broth once they’ve eaten their noodles.

ice cube bowls

Photo courtesy of @greedygremlin on Instagram

Tempura Matsu, you just became the new DreamWorks – screw the moon cradling me and my childhood dreams. It’s a freaking gorgeous bowl of ice filled with pasta, y’all.

Okay, I’ll stop acting ridiculous and as if I think this new IG obsession is cool because, although artistic, the ice bowl is a pretty silly (I’ll be nice) invention….

I mean honestly, there are all of two damn noodles in that thing. Do you see it? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? There are literally TWO NOODLES IN THAT BOWL. It looks really cool, yes, and IG-worthy. But that’s your meal.

IG worthiness seems to have become synonymous with “I don’t care what/how much I’m eating as long as it looks good in a picture.” Or in the case of most skinny, cute basics who post 3 pics of bagels a day, IG worthiness is synonymous with the fact that you don’t care to spend $ on something you won’t eat.

After the high of getting your first 100 likes goes away, what will you sustain your body with? It’s also $120/head to access this plate, which is on the secret menu. (Oooo sounds like fancy, undersized portions to me!)

To each his own… because you know what? Food is definitely an art, too (although I eat too fast to take any pictures). And this restaurant’s innovation is doubtless aesthetic as hell.

ice cube bowls

Photo courtesy of @yukiuesako on Instagram