Did you know the type and shape of ice you put in your drink not only effect's it's taste, but also it's temperature? I for sure didn't. I always thought ice is ice, toss a few pieces into your beverage for a cooler experience and you're good to go.

It turns out, that specific types of ice work better with certain beverages than others, including when it comes to food displays. With six options to choose from, here is a helpful guide of when to use each type of ice.


Arguably the best type of ice out there, nugget shaped ice is known for keeping your drinks cooler because of it's compact form. Also, due to their small size, they don't stick together making their consumers very happy with the drink to ice ratio (plus getting the bang out of your buck). 

Nugget ice is the winner when it comes to carbonated drinks such as soda because they hold the flavor of the beverage the longest.  

#SpoonTip: This is the best type of ice to use when transporting foods.

Gourmet Cubes 

This fancier type of ice is usually found at upscale events or five star restaurants. It's attractive look, cube-like but with a dip on top and bottom, is what makes it appear at such venues. 

Not to mention, this ice is known for melting the slowest among the six. 

#SpoonTip: Did you know that gourmet ice is also called "Top Hat" ice?

Full Cubes

Possibly the most common shape of ice, this can be found at most restaurants, grocery stores, and ice machines. You'll want to throw a few of these in if you're looking to cool down your beverage quickly. 

Full cubes are also recommend to use in ice packages or in bulk. So the next time you bruise a bone, throw a bag of full cubes on it.


Looks exactly how it sounds, this moon shaped ice allows for the liquid to flow freely throughout the ice without the crescents bonding together. This rhythm, if you will, creates less of a splash when pouring drinks.

Half Cubes

Basically the full cube split in half, this shape of ice is very easy to use in blended drinks, such as cocktails. Iced coffee is also a suitable drink to use with half cubes.

Half cube ice can be used in therapeutic uses like pain relief, reducing of swollen or red areas, and muscle spasms.  


Better known as shaved ice, you'll recognize flake ice in snow cones, or in your local seafood market. Flake ice serves best with perishable food (aka seafood) on display because it is able to keep food hydrated. 

Flake ice is also the easiest to throw into a blender, which I'm sure you can see why. Warning though, flake ice is the fastest melting ice on this list. 

#SpoonTip: If munching on ice is your thing, then flake "shaved" ice should be your go to. This soft ice will be the least damaging to your teeth, plus will melt the fastest.

Now you know when to use what type of ice and how they will impact your beverage or food event. Who would have known that shapes of ice could actually switch up your drinks varying by temperature, taste, and of course aesthetic because #instagramworthy.