When it comes to iced drinks, everything starts out great: enticing, cool, refreshing. But your tasty concoction unfailingly diminishes into watery slop. Everybody knows it, nobody likes it.  So why do we stand for slurping sweet nothings?  The time for compromise is over. We present to you four easy ice cube recipes that will not only enhance the devolution of your drink, but your entire drinking experience.

1. Coffee Ice


Photo courtesy of Kitchen Treaty

Love iced coffee but oh-so-tired of the watery mess that inevitably fills the bottom of your cup?  This simple recipe will give you the finale you’ve been awaiting in five easy steps:

1. Brew coffee.
2. Let coffee cool to room temperature.
3. Pour coffee into ice cube tray.
4. Freeze.
5. Enjoy.

2. Striped Juice Ice


Photo courtesy of Oh Joy

This is perfect for a fruity cocktail or summer lemonade. Simply layer your choice of fruit juices in an ice cube tray, freezing each layer at a time, and viola!

3. Watermelon Ice


Photo courtesy of Taste and Tell

Watermelon is 90% water already, so freezing it easily makes some of the best ice cubes you’ve never had. These frozen watermelon chunks are a great addition to everything from a tall glass of water to a gin cocktail.

1. Cut watermelon to desired cube-size, removing the rind.
2. Place cubes into a tray or plate and cover with plastic wrap.
3. Freeze.

4. Flower Ice


Photo courtesy of Lucy Says I Do

If you’re feeling a little fancy and happen to have some tiny flowers laying around (is that a thing?), pop a comely carnation or dainty daisy into your ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze.


If you’re getting tired of plain old ice (first world problems), make some of these creative adjustments for a more delicious and super fancy drink.