Confession: This isn't the first article that I've written about Oreos, and I'm 99 percent sure that it won't be the last. For whatever reason, I can't get enough of these chocolate-y cookies. I love them so much that I would put them in my orange juice. Or spread them on my toast. No joke; I would eat Oreos with almost any meal, and I'm a firm believer that there are some foods that are just better with Oreos. Don't believe me? Keep reading. These recipes use Oreos in ways that will blow your mind.

1. Pancakes

chocolate, cream, cake, cookie, brownie
Arden Sarner

Set down the bacon and maple syrup. These Oreo pancakes make it acceptable to eat dessert for breakfast, and yes, actual Oreos are included in the recipe. If there was a pancake Olympics, these Oreo pancakes would knock regular ol' flapjacks right off the podium.

2. Cheesecake

peanut, peanut butter, butter, cheesecake, brownie, chocolate, cookie
Isabella Martin

Sure, traditional cheesecake tastes nice, but just look at these Oreo cheesecake bars. I'm drooling. The sweetness of the Oreos perfectly complements the tangy creaminess of the cheesecake. The desserts are like Kim and Kanye: amazing apart, but better together.

3. Banana Milkshake

cream, milk, sweet, ice, chocolate, dairy product, yogurt, dairy, milkshake
Hui Lin

I like banana milkshakes, but you know what I like even better? Banana milkshakes with Oreos in them. This recipe only has four ingredients, and you definitely have them in your cupboard right now. The shake is even pretty healthy, so there's no excuse not to make it.

4. Jell-O Shots

chocolate, cream, marshmallow
Aracelia Skridulis

It's time to admit it to yourself: Jell-O shots are gross. Nobody likes chewing on gelatinous vodka. But you know what's not gross? These Oreo Jell-O shots. This recipe adds cake vodka and white chocolate liqueur to the creamy center of the cookie for a boozy treat that you can actually enjoy.

5. Mug Cakes

coffee, espresso, cream, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, mocha, sweet
Megan Clarkson

There are plenty of mug cake recipes out there to choose from, but in my (completely biased) opinion, Oreo mug cakes are the best. It's like a gourmet dessert with minimal effort, and it's ready in five minutes. What could be better?

6. Fudge

chocolate, cookie, goody
Elizabeth Philip

Fudge is one of the most customize-able desserts out there. You could make gingerbread fudge, salted pretzel fudge, or red velvet fudge. But Oreo fudge? By far the best. Plus, it only has three ingredients, so you can easily whip it up for your weekly "Bachelor" viewing with friends.

7. Hot Chocolate

Leah Nordman

There's no better drink to snuggle up on the coach with than hot chocolate, and there's no better drink than Oreo hot chocolate. Spice up your usual hot cocoa by adding some cookie chunks to the drink. Sounds weird, but tastes amazing. 

8. Homemade Ice Cream

Vedika Luthra

This Oreo ice cream is already pretty impressive since it's no-churn and homemade, but the cookies push it over the edge. Ice cream is one of those foods that are just better with Oreos in it. For an even quicker version, buy a tub of vanilla ice cream and stir in some crushed up Oreos. It's still sort of homemade, right?

9. Beer

OK, so I love beer about as much as I love long lines and seagulls that steal your food (hint: I don't). But even I can get behind this Oreo-flavored beer. It's made by a Brewing Company in Virginia, and honestly, getting drunk off of cookies sounds like the best Saturday night ever.

10. Cookie Butter

chocolate, jam, cake, sweet
Brittany Arnett

I mean, sure, you could buy regular ol' cookie butter from Trader Joes, but you could also save money by making some epic Oreo butter at home. You would never know just by looking at this beautiful creation that it's only 2 ingredients. And yes, you get extra points for dipping Oreos into the Oreo butter.

11. Rice Krispie Squares

rice, peanut butter, peanut, chocolate, cake, butter, cookie
Phoebe Melnick

Your favorite childhood dessert gets a serious upgrade with these Slutty Rice Krispie treats. Can you imagine biting into an Oreo and Reese's cup sandwiched in marshmallow rice krispie goodness? I can, and it sounds amazing.

12. Cereal

chocolate, sweet, candy, coffee, milk, cream, goody
Arden Sarner

It might not be that easy to find Oreo O's anymore, but you can always throw it back to your childhood by making them at home. Put the Bran Flakes down and make these bad boys instead. It's the perfect excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.

13. Cupcakes

brownie, chocolate, butter, peanut, peanut butter
Emma Olsen

As Amy Poehler in "Mean Girls" would say, these aren't regular cupcakes, they're cool cupcakes. I grew up eating chocolate cupcakes that had healthy ingredients hidden in them (@Mom, I'm talking about your Chocolate Zucchini Muffins), but I would love to bite into chocolate cupcakes with hidden unhealthy ingredients. Stuffed Oreo Cupcakes would do the trick.

14. Pull-Apart Bread

bread, sweet, chocolate, pastry
Emma Lally

You might be used to feasting on savory pull-apart bread that's filled with cheese and garlic, but this Oreo version turns the recipe on its head. Pull-apart bread for dessert? Ingenious.

15. Cinnamon Rolls

sweet, cream, chocolate
Clara Park

It's pretty hard to improve a traditional cream-cheese stuffed cinnamon roll, but this Oreo version blows it out of the water. These rolls take a while to make, but they're perfect for a lazy Sunday morning when you feel like baking.

16. Lasagna

chocolate, cake, cream
Steven Shaltiel

No, I'm not talking about the kind of lasagna with pasta and cheese. This Oreo lasagna is filled with layers of cool whip, Nutella, and vanilla pudding, making it the perfect after-dinner treat. Who needs savory lasagna for dinner when you can have a sweet one for dessert? Not this girl.

OK, so there are some foods that I wouldn't want to mix Oreos into (@eggs, I'm looking at you), but there are a lot of foods that are just better with Oreos. Cheesecake? Check. Beer? Check. Salad? I'm still working on that one, but I'll get back to you. Right after trying all of these recipes.