After spending two glorious months in Sydney, Australia this past summer (and their "winter" – of at least sixty degrees), I'd like to think that I got the Aussie brunch scene down-pat. Seriously. Basically all I did was get brunch. Just ask my credit card statement.

As I brunched my way through Sydney, I found out a few things: (1) coffee is a different entity in Australia, (2) avocado toast is everywhere (thank the heavens), and (3) Aussies know how to make one fantastic meal of both breakfast and lunch foods. 

So I've decided to make a list of every brunch spot (with neighborhoods) in Sydney that's worth trying. And maybe coming back. Like, every single day while you're there. 

1. Henry Lee's Redfern

egg, avocado
Brittany Arnett

This one is number 1 on the list simply because it is number 1. I'm a huge fan of toast, and they do really amazing things with that here. I'm talking scrambled eggs & meatballs on a big piece of sourdough bread. Plus, it's hot chocolates are a must.

Location: Redfern

2. SHUK 

Brittany Arnett

I'm a sucker for a great Israeli breakfast (shakshuka, anyone?), and this place certainly meets those needs. SHUK's hummus, shakshukas, and in-house baked bread are some of the must-haves when dining in. 

Location: Bondi

3. Speedo's Cafe

ice, cream, ice cream, sweet
Brittany Arnett

Just browse the location tag of Speedo's on Instagram and you will see why it's one of the best brunches in Sydney. This place is a vegan's paradise, and it sure knows how to make any dish look gorgeous.

Location: Bondi

4. The Grounds of Alexandria

Brittany Arnett

Okay, so I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant about how amazing this place is. It's magical. Majestic. Magnificent. It cannot even be considered a restaurant,  but more of a fairy-land that has several restaurants, cafes, food stands, a marketplace, a petting zoo, and a flower shop. 

The Grounds is more of an experience, but it also has delicious food options. The avocado toast & brekky burger are great from the cafe, and definitely grab some Nutella-filled mini donuts from one of the food stands.

Location: Alexandria  

5. Four.Ate.Five

vegetable, bread
Brittany Arnett

A nod to Mediterranean cuisine, four.ate.five. has great coffee and great healthy brunch options. My personal fave is the brown rice bowl with a side of haloumi cheese.

Location: Surry Hills

6. Le Monde

strawberry, sweet
Brittany Arnett

You know what beautiful is? The matcha hotcakes with coconut creme and espresso syrup that is served at Le Monde. Or the truffled poached eggs. Your mind will be blown. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Location: Surry Hills

7. Bondi Wholefoods

vegetable, seafood, fish
Brittany Arnett

Aussies not only know how to brunch, but they also know how to treat their bodies right. Bondi Wholefoods is a testament to that. The expansive menu boasts gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and vegan options, so you can nourish your body from the inside. 

Locations: Bondi & Surry Hills

8. Concrete Jungle Cafe

ice cream, ice, cream, chocolate, cake
Brittany Arnett

Concrete Jungle is located in a cool, industrial space and serves some pretty serious – and trendy – brunch. It screams millennial. I mean, look at that blue smoothie bowl. How can it be so blue?

Location: Chippendale

9. Bills

Bills reminds me of everything that I aspire to be in life – clean, elegant, and beautiful on the inside and the outside. Bills also serves amazing food. Thanks, Bill. Whoever you are.

Locations: Bondi, Darlinghurst, & Surry Hills

10. The Pantry Manly

Getting brunch at The Pantry is really just an excuse to spend the entire day at Manly Beach, as if you ever need an excuse anyways. Go for great brunch, stay for the amazing ocean views and (hot) surfers. 

Location: Manly

11. Flower Child Cafe

egg, sandwich, salad, cheese, bacon, bread
Brittany Arnett

Although a bit of a ways away in Chatswood, Flower Child Cafe is a tasty brunch spot with endless options. Disclaimer though: it's located within a mall, but still is beautifully decorated to give a cafe vibe. 

Location: Chatswood

12. Sadhana Kitchen

An entirely vegan restaurant, Sadhana Kitchen does some intriguing things with brunch. I'm talking eggs Benedict that's vegan. I don't know how they make eggs vegan, but it's definitely worth a try. 

Location: Bondi

12. Porch and Parlour

Porch and Parlour doesn't just wait for weekend mid-mornings to serve brunch – it serves brunch everyday from 7AM until 3PM. Now that's the kind of restaurant I love. Grab the lebne chili eggs or the green brekky bowl.

Location: Bondi

13. Bowery Lane

egg, toast
Brittany Arnett

Located in the CBD, Bowery Lane is the perfect brunch spot if you want something nearby the Queen Victoria Building or the Opera House. It also has pretty darn good avocado toast, if I do say so myself.

Location: CBD

14. Chimichuri Cafe

Brittany Arnett

Chimichurri serves up unique dishes and drinks, like red velvet lattes to stuffed french toast topped with "fairy floss," aka cotton candy. Although farther away from the main city, it is definitely a place to check out if you want an adventurous brunch.

Location: Chatswood

So if anyone were to ask me what I did for two months in Australia, my answer's pretty obvious – brunch. Luckily, Sydney has no shortage of amazing restaurants. Studying abroad? Try to go to them all.