To add some diversity to your Instagram feed, follow these vegan accounts that have really nailed the whole foods lifestyle. Their food is far from repetitive and bland, and their recipes are easy to follow. Even if you don't plan on becoming vegan, you'll get some inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Here's a list of 10 vegan Instagram accounts in no particular order that you should definitely be following. 

1. @earthyandy

Andrea's account features nothing but the North Shore's best local produce. She's known for her banana ice cream recipes that she turns into sweet tooth satisfying, ice cream cookie sandwiches. Her dishes are simple, mostly raw, and chock full of flavor. Her account displays the true Hawaiian lifestyle.

2. @lonijane

Loni's account is full of greens, juices, and easy to make recipes. I love how her two vegan children are regularly featured on her feed. Rowdy, her oldest child, cannot keep his hands out of her food.

3. @ohholybasil

I love Dillon's page. Her photography of her vegan comfort food is extremely elegant. If you're searching for hearty meal ideas, her feed has what you're looking for.

4. @emily_hunt

Emily's account focuses on dining out in Australia. She photographs a wide variety of local, vegan restaurants and the food that they offer.

5. @thrivingonplants

Cherie Tu believes the more carbs, the better. You can totally get away with eating so many healthy carbs when you're not eating a high-protein and high-fat animal diet. Her food is perfect for beginners who are just diving into veganism.

6. @tessbegg

I'm personally declaring Tess the smoothie bowl queen. All of her smoothie bowls are adorned with the most delicious toppings. If you thought your açaí bowl game was on point, you're wrong. 

7. @elsas_wholesomelife

Ellie is the ultimate vegan traveler. Her account shows just how easy it is to eat vegan when you're not in the comfort of your own home.

8. @ellenfisher

Ellen is known in the vegan community for her raw vegan lifestyle. She eats a lot of greens and local Maui fruit. She also has the most adorable vegan family that makes a regular appearance on her feed.

9. @bonnyrebecca

Bonny is a high-carb, low-fat vegan. A lot of her pictures encourage people to go vegan for environmental and animal rights. 

10. @sobeautifullyreal

Sam makes custom vegan cheesecakes and other desserts. Her recipes are proof that you don't have to give up sweets when you're a vegan.