The moment I stepped off the airplane in Sydney and heard my stomach rumbling, I knew I was in desperate need of some good banana bread. The last time I visited Australia, I had noticed the ever-present nature of banana bread in every café I entered. This time around, I was determined to go on the search for some of Sydney’s best banana bread. Here are some of the finest I had the pleasure of eating. 

Room 10

pastry, sweet, cake, bread
Lara Taniguchi

The banana bread at Room 10 is super thick and very satisfying to cut into. Its thick nature gives it a soft and fluffy texture that is moist and tender with every bite. A little bit of saltiness from the Pepe Saya butter it is served toasted with complements the slight sweetness of the bread thoroughly. This hole-in-the-wall place tucked away in a narrow street is somewhere to keep an eye out for.

Ampersand Café & Bookstore

sweet, cake, bread
Lara Taniguchi

Get your classic banana bread fix at Ampersand Café & Bookstore because I'm sure it will win over your stomach. It is perfectly toasted to be crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside. Spreading the salted butter on the side and watching it melt into the crevices is a delightful experience to round off the sweetness of the banana bread. 

Thirty Coffee 

cheese, sandwich, bread, toast
Lara Taniguchi

Thirty Coffee’s banana bread is unusual because it comes toasted with a sprinkle of sea salt on top instead of butter. Even without a slathering of butter, the banana bread isn't dry at all. The salt allows it to not be weighed down by butter and adds a very slight crunch, enhancing the fluffiness of the banana bread.

Hoochie Mamma Café

Lara Taniguchi

Not only is Hoochie Mamma’s banana bread a delight to look at with its mini loaf shape and a slice of banana nestled on top, it is gluten free. The perfect size for an on-the-go snack, the tender bits you tear off are so delicate and addicting that you’ll be done with the whole thing before you know it. Get it to eat at the café and it comes served with ricotta, honey, and cinnamon – a combination that’s sure to elevate the banana bread to another level.

About Life 

brown bread, rye, butter, cereal, toast, wheat, bread
Lara Taniguchi

About Life’s paleo banana bread may sound like it is missing all the buttery goodness but that certainly is not the case. It is full of chunks of pecans that add extra texture and crunch, and the very subtle sweetness matches but doesn't overpower any sugar cravings. The creamy butter that is unsalted makes the already super soft banana bread even more velvety.

Fine Food Store

cake, chocolate, sweet, bread
Lara Taniguchi

The moment the banana bread at the Fine Food Store reaches the table toasted and slathered in butter, you can tell this is an experience you are going to enjoy. Take a moment to stop and appreciate the beautiful glistening, golden tone of the exterior. When you bite into it, the crunchy crust gives way to a silky, smooth interior that melts in your mouth.

Here’s the plan to follow: stop by one of these different cafés every day to try their banana bread for breakfast. Or better yet, go to two different places in a day. Who said banana bread is only good for when you have overripe bananas? It’s got all your food groups (sort of) but more importantly, it will make your stomach very happy.