I love banana bread. It's so versatile and can be enjoyed all year round. Most of us enjoy eating it fresh out of the oven, or having a cold slice as a snack the next day.

Sure, it tastes great on its own, but have you thought of dressing it up? Here are five ways you can get creative and take your banana bread to the next level. 

1. Serve it with nuts, nut butter, seeds, and fresh banana slices.

Are you a fan of toast topped with peanut butter and banana slices? Well, you need to give this a try. After all, banana and peanut butter go hand-in-hand.

Allergic to peanuts? Use almond butter. Allergic to nuts altogether? Not a problem. Sunflower seed butter or tahini are great nutty alternatives to nut butter.

#SpoonTip: You can also use frosting as a spread.  

2. Add fresh berries to the mix.

This will help you get that antioxidant boost—but don't forget about your nut butter. This especially works great if your banana bread is on the sweeter side, as the acidity from the berries cut through the richness of the banana bread, so you can eat more of it without feeling stuffed. 

3. For you chocolate lovers...

Why not top your slice with some shaved chocolate? Don't have time to shave a block of chocolate? Keep a bag of mini chocolate chips in your pantry and sprinkle some on your banana bread before serving. You can use a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate for triple indulgence.

4. Toast it.

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 Toasting really takes banana bread to the next level. In cafes in Australia, banana bread is typically served toasted and buttered. 

5. Make a triple decker toasted sandwich! 

My latest banana bread addiction is my homemade loaf using Simple Mills' gluten-free banana bread mix. The gluten-free mix contains almond meal which gives the banana bread a crumbly texture. But wait, it gets better after toasting, and being made into a triple decker sandwich with fresh banana, nut butter and yogurt.

What are you waiting for? Grab a slice (or a few slices) of banana bread and get creative in the kitchen.