Australia is known for starting hipster trends, such as the avocado toast fad that seems to perpetuate itself. Recently, the newest Aussie drink is a deconstructed flat white, served in three different glasses: one cup of water, one cup of espresso, and one cup of milk. Traditionally, all three would co-exist in one wonderful cup.


Photo courtesy of Jamila Rizvi on Facebook

Melbourne, Australia is a hub for third-wave coffee shops, where people sit and intensely discuss the intricacies of the coffee bean. The deconstructed fad is not just coming alive down under, but also in Seattle (AKA coffee mecca) at Slate Coffee Roasters.

The responses to the deconstructed nature of the new drink have been a mixture of confusion and outrage, even from the most hipster customers. Author Jamila Rizvi posted a photo of her deconstructed drink on Facebook with the caption “hipsterism has gone too far when your coffee comes deconstructed.” Are we comfortable with the hipster-esque style, or are we just sticking with the Starbucks flat white for now?