With the new year, Starbucks launched its newest addition to American and Canadian stores: the flat white. This espresso-based beverage is described as “bolder than a latte, yet smoother than a cappuccino” and has already been a staple in Australian and UK locations.

According to the Starbucks site, the flat white is made up of “expertly steamed milk poured over ristretto shots of espresso and finished with a Starbucks signature dot.”

Be warned frappuccino fans, this drink is nothing like the sugary creation the chain is known for. Instead it’s an attempt to break in to the artisan coffee movement and bring new customers to the brand.

The Starbucks rendition may not satisfy true flat white aficionados, but it certainly makes the Australia-based drink more accessible to the everyday coffee drinker. Next time you’re in Starbucks, see if this drink is on the menu and taste what all the hype is about.

Image courtesy of Starbucks

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