Westchester (also known as BESTchester) has some of the best brunch spots to try. From pastry cafes to full course meals there's sure to be something for everyone. Below is a list of the 12 best spots for brunch in Westchester County (in no particular order). 

Here is everything you need to know about how to get your best Sunday morning meals at these bomb restaurants for brunch in Westchester County.

1. The Beehive

Olivia Zinzi

If you're a weekend early riser (props to you, if you are) then make sure to hit up this family owned eatery located in Armonk. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, The Beehive freshly bakes all its pastries and serves them warm. The massive cinnamon roll is known to to run out before noon, but you should also try one of Beehive's tasty omelettes. 

2. The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-George

This pricey, upscale restaurant has a brunch you won't want to miss. Items on the menu ranging from salmon sashimi to french toast with caramelized bacon on top are sure to impress. Another bonus is that it's owned by chef proprietor Jean-Georges Vongerichten... so you know it's going to be high quality. Did someone say birthday brunch

3. Cooked & Co. 

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Dylan Barth

Make sure to grab extra napkins because eating here is sure to get messy. With favorites such as their gooey banana crunch Nutella muffin, and delicious brekkie options like steak sandwiches with truffle oil. Let's be real -- who doesn't love truffle??

4. The Katonah Reading Room

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Denise Uy

Looking for a relaxing place for brunch in Westchester County? This toast lover's paradise is your best bet: the reading room offers delicious toasts with toppings ranging from tomato jam to avocado spread. They also have gluten-free options so anyone can get their toast on!   

5. The Original Pancake House

sweet, pastry, pancake, bread, cake, butter
Emily Gordon

Stacks on stacks on stacks (of pancakes, of course). Not to be confused with IHOP, The Original Pancake House is this super legit pancake house. Come here for an array of pancake variations and other breakfast classics in a comfortable, diner-like setting. 

6. The Rye Roadhouse

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Alexandra Redmond

This low-key venue in a cute residential neighborhood has been awarded best comfort food and best Bloody Mary two years in a row. You can find unique Cajun-Creole Sunday brunch options that are sure to spice up any weekend as well as delicious drinks that'll take the edge off the Sunday Scaries.

7. Little Crepe Street

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Cecelia DeBroff

Brunch wouldn't be complete without featuring the delicious French staple item: crepes. These babies are way better than pancakes because they can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. House specialties in this small Mt. Kisco cafe include Nutella Banana, Dulce de Leche, Chicken Pesto, and BEC crepes.

8. Rye Grill & Bar

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Audrey Mirabito

Two words... breakfast. pizza. No, I am not kidding. Topped with home fries, bacon, egg and jack cheese, breakfast pizza is unbelievably tasty (and a perfect cure for a hangover). Pizza for breakfast? Um yes please!

9. Le Jardin du Roi

Pardon my French, but you're gonna want to skip the croissant and be daring because their menu is freakin' fantastic. Fresh fish tacos and omelettes are consistently tasty. You can't come to Westchester without checking this place out! 

10. The Granola Bar

This healthy and hip cafe offers colorful morning meals: you've got a variety of açaí bowls, granola parfaits and avocado toast. Not only does the food taste great but look how pretty it is. Your instagram will thank you later for this brunch. 

11. The Barn at Bedford Post

While the high prices may at first make you question if it's worth it to splurge, the answer is most definitely yes. Their classic crustless quiche with a combo of fontina cheese, bacon and spinach always impresses. The Barn is one of the best restaurants for brunch in Westchester County to celebrate special occasions.

12. Dig Inn 

Just in case you needed another reason to have more avo in your life... you must try this farm to table meets fast casual locale. Technically speaking it's more of a lunch spot full of make your own warm bowls with locally sourced ingredients. It's like Chipotle- but better AND healthier. My personal favorite: kale, sweet potato, salmon and avocado bowl. 

So there you go - these are the best spots for brunch in Westchester County, New York.