Compared to other small suburban areas, Westchester is not cheap living or eating. But don't worry we got you covered when you're really in a bind and don't want to drop over $20 on a night out. Here are twenty-two delicious places to dine when you really are broke AF: 

1. Jerry's Post Road Market

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If you live in Rye, it's hard not to know what Jerry's is. With their prime location, fast service and go to sandwiches Jerry's tends to be a daily morning or lunch stop for hoards of people. You can grab a bacon, egg and cheese for only $3 and everyone's go to chicken cutlet for $4.50. 

2. Rocky's Millwood Deli

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Rocky's deli is known to attract a late night crowd with their mac and cheese bites and signature #Hashtag sandwich. For under $10 your'e in for a BEC with a hash brown and chicken cutlet, how much better could it get. 

3. Garden Catering

Garden Catering is known for their grab and go chicken nuggets and cones. 1/2 pound of nuggets with fries and a drink comes out to only $7.75. Throw some seasoning on there and you're and your on the go lunch is complete. 

4. Bagel Emporium of Armonk

Westchester bagels are not to be messed with. Bagel Emporium of Armonk serves them up right ranging from plain bagels, to everything, and even cinnamon raisin. For under $5 you can get a toasty buttered bagel with a large ice coffee perfect to satisfy your Sunday morning craving.

5. Melts Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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Melts gourmet grilled cheeses satisfy anyones guilty comfort food craving. But, grilled cheeses aren't there only specialty, make sure to try their tater tots hot from the fryer. This place is a steal at only $10 for a hearty meal.

6. Bar Taco

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While BarTaco is always packed full at dinner, their best kept secret may be their lunch special where you can grab just enough tacos and a side for a low price. 

7. The Mt. Kisco Diner

The Mt. Kisco diner is perfect for any day or time. Customers can choose from a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods and the options are endless with a great family friendly atmosphere.

8. Lefteries Gyro

If you're looking for huge portions and guaranteed delicious leftovers, look no further than Lefteries. This unique Greek restaurant offers a change of pace from typical fast food type cuisine. 

9. Chop't

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If you're in the mood for a cheap, easy and healthy option, look no further than Chop't. You're guaranteed a loaded salad customized exactly to your liking for under $10. 

10. Sunrise Pizza

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There's a good reason why Sunrise is unanimously everyone's favorite slice in Rye. Whether you're going for one of their gourmet specials or just a classic you're not going to leave dissatisfied or having dropped more than $5.

11. Broadway North Pizzeria

If you're looking for a quick pizza fix after a long day of school or before a sports game look no further than Broadway Pizzeria right in the heart of the town of Armonk. This is everyone's favorite spot to hang out and enjoy a nice cheesy slice and a beverage for $5.

12. Blind Charlie's Cafe

This Pound Ridge hot spot is a great Sunday brunch place if you aren't looking to break the bank. With their unique sandwich options and Charlie's chili all under $10 and their charm this place has customers falling in love.

13. Little Crepe Street

High class dining for a low price can't be beat. These gourmet crepes are served hot and ready for a feast. Whether you want savory or sweet, Little Crepe Street has your back. 

14. Walter's Hot Dogs 

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Serving up all American classics, Walter's Hot Dog stand offers signature dogs, fries, and classic milkshakes all for under $5. A great spot for families and kids.

15. Gianonni's Deli

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Heading to Scarsdale? Make sure to stop at Gianonnis Deli. These piled high sandwiches surely allow you to get a real bang for your buck. 

16. The Taco Project

With it's eclectic decor and spicy atmosphere the Taco Project never disappoints. With numerous taco combinations and tons of side dish options, you'll never leave hungry especially for under $10.

17. Beascakes Bakery

Everyone's favorite bakery in Armonk has to be Beascakes. Their famous huge gooey chocolate chip cookies cure even the worst of moods. Serving up the perfect combo of cookies and milk is great, but don't forget to also try their cakes and fresh made donuts.

18. Bedford Diner

You can't go wrong when ordering at the Bedford Diner. Their menu is packed full of all of your cravings. Specialties include the Disco Fries: waffle fries topped with melted cheese and gravy for only $7.50. 

19. Candlelight Inn

Candlelight Inn in Scarsdale is your go to for cheap yet fulfilling bar food. You can get a hearty helping of wings for under $10 and loaded fries for only $4. 

20. Westchester Burger Co. 

With an overwhelming amount of choices, Westchester Burger Co. is your go to if you want to be in awe of your burger. While many of their specialty burgers are priced closer to $13, you're receiving so much food that it can be leftovers for the next few days. That's a deal for any broke college student. 

21. Exit 4

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Mt. Kisco's hottest new unique dining experience is Exit 4 Food Hall. With stands from all of the hottest food vendors of Westchester you can't go wrong. Personal favorites would be the mac and cheese, the shushirrito (sushi burrito), and the s'mores pizza. A huge meal for under $10 can easily be found.

22. Gianfranco's Pizza and Pasta 

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If you haven't heard of the boss wrap, it's time to take a trip to Northern Westchester to try it. For only $6.95 you could be munching on chicken Parmigiana and Penne all Vodka all confined within a single tortilla.