If there’s one ingredient that I’m certain you won’t find in a dining hall, it’s truffle oil. This expensive, decadent oil is showing up on more and more menus, but it’s pretty much impossible to find on campus. Luckily, the growing popularity of the flavor (See Nicki Minaj’s Truffle Butter) means that you don’t have to travel to your favorite Avant-garde restaurant to get your fix. These three unexpected snacks can be purchased in grocery stores or online, so you can indulge in truffles whenever you want.


Trufflin' into Your Snack Cabinet

Photo courtesy of popgourmetpopcorn.com

For some amazing low-calorie munchies, get truffle oil popcorn. There’s nothing better than biting into popcorn, expecting the taste of butter and then getting a surprising strong hit of truffle instead. Pop! Gourmet Popcorn is sold at DiBruno Brothers and online.


Trufflin' into Your Snack Cabinet

Photo courtesy of Trader Joes

I seriously could not contain my excitement when I headed to the “new items” area at Trader Joes and saw that they had begun selling Truffle Marcona Almonds. The union of Spanish Marcona almonds and Italian black truffle salt is not what you’d expect on a grocery store end cap, but there they were, and I cannot stop buying them.

Potato Chips

Trufflin' into Your Snack Cabinet

Photo courtesy of yummybazaar.com

To round out the collection, basic potato chips serve as a great vehicle for the more complex truffle flavor. Although they’re not your average Salt and Vinegar and might not be available at FroGro, they’re well worth ordering online (you get free shipping on your first order).