If ask any UVA student, they will tell you that The University is the best school in Virginia, if not the whole country. The academics are rigorous, with helpful professors, and everyone knows how to throw a good party. The only complaint that anyone ever has is the food. The UVA-sponsored meal plans are extremely expensive and the food leaves much to be desired in the all-you-can eat dining halls. Now, the Elevate Meal Plan has that problem solved. Originally founded by UVA students, The Elevate Meal Plan has been sweeping UVA by storm since it was first offered. Since then, they have added more restaurant options to the plan and even expanded Elevate to other schools. 

So how does it work?

With the Elevate Meal Plan, upperclassmen save money and get to eat at some of their favorite restaurants. It's a win-win situation. 

Here's the breakdown of the current Elevate meal options at UVA that will convince you that this really is the best idea ever. 

Revolutionary Soup

Located on 14th street, Revolutionary Soup is a prime location for students living on Whertland or in GrandMarc. You can choose from a pick-two combo, quesadilla combo, grilled cheese combo, or full sandwich combo. Their soups are made from scratch and make the perfect lunch in the winter. 

Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole is popular among students as a breakfast and brunch spot for studying. On the meal plan, you can choose from a variety of breakfast combos, including their popular Pigeons in a Hole, or southern comfort-inspired entree meals like biscuits and gravy. 

Doma Korean BBQ

You can get Korean classics like bibimbap, fried rice, and Korean-style BBQ boxes on your meal plan at Doma Korean BBQ. They also have wings and burger options with Korean flavors for students looking for a more traditional American meal. 


Finally, you can tell your parents that you are using your meal plan when you're at a bar. Trinity's Elevate menu includes their wraps, sandwiches, and salads. But that won't matter because their famous burgers are an option as well. 

Kuma Sushi

You can finally stop eating that sketchy sushi from the coffee shop in Alderman. On Elevate, you can even order ahead so your sushi roll, dumplings, edamame, or seaweed salad are waiting at the counter of Kuma Sushi when you arrive. You can pick any combination of 2 of the above for a meal. 

Roots Natural Kitchen

As my personal favorite lunch spot on the corner, Roots is a new addition to this year's Elevate Meal Plan. You can choose from any one of their signature salad or grain bowls, including the crowd favorite El Jefe

The Juice Laundry

Not only is The Juice Laundry a new addition to the Elevate Meal Plan, but it's also the newest addition to The Corner. Now, you can stop by and pick up any one of their smoothies with two boosts on your morning walk to class

Michael's Bistro

Because Michael's Bistro is located above LittleJohn's, many students go four years without ever getting the chance to stop in and try the amazing food.

Now you can work it into your meal rotation by choosing from half and half combos, salads, and hot dishes like sandwiches, tacos, and curry. They have a little bit of everything to offer meal plan members, so you can eat there all the time without getting bored. 

Crozet Pizza

Crozet Pizza does Elevate Meal Plan members the honor of being able to get pretty much anything off the menu. You can choose from entree salads, a personal cheese pizza, or any one of their calzones, which is my personal recommendation. 

Christian's Pizza

If you're more of a big slice kind of person, you can get that on the Elevate Meal Plan too. Christian's Pizza allows you to pick any two specialty slices or three slices of cheese or pepperoni. Now you have a valid excuse to enjoy that gigantic slice even when you're sober. 

LittleJohn's Deli

LittleJohn's delicious New York style deli sandwiches have been a staple of The Corner for UVA students, alumni, and townies alike since 1976. On the meal plan, you can choose from some of your favorite flatbreads, sandwiches, subs, and salads in combo meals that make the perfect study fuel. 


Sesame, Dumplings, broccoli, rice, chicken, shrimp, curry
Casey Twomey

Chinese takeout is a classic staple of every college student's diet and with Elevate, you can get it on your meal plan. Choose from pretty much every classic Chinese food, including curry, dumplings, and orange chicken, with spring rolls or soup for your meal combo from Ginkgo


If you're like the average UVA student, you probably haven't even tried Coupes' food. Let me tell you that you've been missing out. With the meal plan, you can chow down on any three of their delicious sliders or a stuffed pita with fries. 

Not a UVA student? Have no fear. Elevate also has off-campus meal plans available for Georgetown, Cornell, University of Michigan, and Florida State students. They're also always hoping to expand, so keep your eyes open for updates on new restaurants and campuses. 

If Elevate Meal Plan sounds like something you'd like to get in on, click here to get started