I'm a huge fan of Chinese takeout, but ordering out all the time can really lead to both the calories and the cost really adding up. You can save a whole lot of money and cut back on the calories with these healthier homemade Chinese takeout copycat recipes which taste just like the real thing. 

1. Fried Rice

chicken, meat, risotto, fried rice, vegetable, rice
Abigail Wilkins

Fried rice is a classic that most people go to first when ordering takeout. Fried Rice can actually be packed with calories and if you make it at home it can be far healthier and you can pick whichever ingredients you want.  It's generally one of the first things people try when making homemade Chinese. 

2. Orange Chicken

This is by far my favourite when it comes to ordering Chinese. This recipe captures all the flavours while still keeping the dish reasonably healthy. I gave both a Spoon and a Tastemade recipe here because not everyone has a slow cooker. 

3. Crab Rangoon

My family goes absolutely crazy for Crab Rangoon. Usually, we end up having to get a few orders just so everyone can get their share. These can take some practice before you can nail making them at home, but it's 100% worth it. 

4. Lo Mein

noodle, sauce, spaghetti, vegetable, pasta
Haya Qureini

Lo Mein has deliciously soft noodles that perfectly soak up any sauce that you use with them. They're a great complement to any dish and taste even better homemade. 

5. Egg Drop Soup

Especially in this cold winter season, soup is the perfect comfort food. It doesn't tend to be too expensive ordering it, but it only takes 10 minutes and $5 to make a whole pot. Try this recipe out. 

6. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are very delicate and can be a bit delicate to make the first time. Once you get the hang of it though, they're incredibly classy to impress house guests with or just to give your family a tasty appetizer. 

7. Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

This is a great recipe if you have picky eaters in the house. My two littlest siblings will touch almost nothing and yet this is a healthy meal that they both enjoy. I definitely recommend this recipe. 

8. Dumplings

There is such a great variety of dumplings that the only way to truly get exactly what you want is to make them at home. Choose your own filling and make the dumplings exactly as you like them, or look online for some suggestions. 

9. Vegetable Chow Mein

A great option for all the vegetarians out there, this dish allows for a lot of variety. Be creative and you'll end up with a different delicious dish every time you make it. 

10. Honey Garlic Chicken

beef, rice, pork, meat, vegetable
George Farah

The honey and the garlic add a perfect combination to chicken, really elevating their flavour. This recipe is an easy dump and bake in the slow cooker so you don't have to spend much time, which is crucial. 

All of these recipes are incredibly tasty and err on the healthier side. Most of them don't take much time to make, so they're the perfect dishes for college students or busy parents. They'll be done before your takeout could've even arrived and be a lot cheaper too. Happy eating!