Tired of watching your bank account dwindle over the course of the week? Too busy during the day to prepare a decent meal? Or maybe too lazy to scrounge around the kitchen for dinner night after night?


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Well, look no further because there is a meal plan that is right for you. I know what you think when you hear the term “meal plan.” You are having flashbacks to walking up the steps into Ohill as Double Swipe Dean forcibly tries to convince you to sign up for something called an EMPSU. It sounded more like a species of bird than a meal plan option.

However, times have changed. Two former UVA students created a company called Elevate that is committed to improving the UVA dining experience. Their most recent innovation: a new and improved meal plan.

It is called The Corner Meal Plan and is, well, pretty much what it sounds like – a meal plan that consists of meals from restaurants on the Corner.

#SpoonTip: Try one of the meals from Cafe Caturra, like the Arugula Goat salad with red wine vinaigrette, dried blueberries, toasted pecans and goat cheese.


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The masterminds behind this operation are Josh Cohen (Class of 2013) and Seth Kramer (Class of 2015). They already have a successful catering company in Charlottesville called FlashCater, a meal delivery system for fraternities and sororities.

The two are now offering this affordable and convenient meal plan to UVA’s upperclassmen, which includes a few key benefits. Most importantly, it can save you money on those late night Christians runs or mid-morning treks to Trinity brunch. Students can save up to $3.00 on each meal.


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A T.A.B.L.E. breakfast sandwich from Trinity is one of the mouthwatering meals included on the plan. #SpoonTip: This is truly not complete without a Brunch Punch.

That extra cash you rack up can be put toward weekend essentials, like a stein from Trin or an Irish Trash Can from Eddy’s (depending on your level of aggression that day).

There are four different plans that range from 15 to 105 meals per semester. The meal plan has also adopted a rollover feature in case for some strange reason you actually eat less than you intended. Any leftover meals roll over to the following semester.


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The creators wanted to ensure that the plan is convenient for the busy lifestyle of a UVa student, so students have the option to eat in the restaurant, order to-go, or call ahead and just come pick it up.

And finally, for all you health nuts out there, the meal plan offers its own “Healthy Picks” menu, which includes a wide variety of salads.

It seems we have officially hit the universal trifecta: affordable, convenient and good for you.


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Restaurants included: Rev Soup, Trinity, Christian’s Pizza, Eddy’s Tavern, Cafe Caturra, Ginkgo, Michael’s Bistro, 105 Grill & Pub, Coupes, and Two Guys Tacos