Nothing attracts the UVA student body quite like free food, so when the word began to spread about Studyhub, the drool-worthy partnership between Grubhub and Spoon University to provide free food and a relaxing study environment, the UVA community couldn't help but to get excited.

Hosted just steps from Grounds, Trinity Irish Pub, the beloved day-to-night Corner hotspot, served as the background for Spoon UVA's Studyhub event. All three floors were jam packed with food, swag, masseuses, games, and much, much more, which made Monday, May 1, a night to remember.

So, with that, who and what exactly was in attendance when Grubhub + Spoon UVA presented Studyhub this past exam season?

The Food

When deciding what C-ville favorites to serve at the event, the Spoon UVA team turned to some of our favorite Charlottesville articles. We narrowed our vendors down to Trinity Irish Pub, The College Inn, Take It Away, and Red Eye Cookie Co..

Trinity Irish Pub

meat, chicken
Emily Head

Studyhub featured a variety of UVA's Trin favorites. From mini grilled cheese, chicken wings and fingers, and, of course, the beloved spinach artichoke dip, Trinity Irish Pub served as both a great location for the event and as an awesome source of study snacks.

With its prominence on the Corner, Trinity was the perfect location for Studyhub. There was a line wrapped around the street before we even opened the doors to the event, which definitely can be attributed to Trin's go-to location and their crave-worthy food.

The College Inn

cheese, chicken, meat
Emily Head

While we didn't have cheesy bread at the event, we found some other must-try College Inn eats that made Trinity feel just like home. The trays of ziti, BBQ, and coleslaw didn't last too long seeing as they were definite crowd favorites. College Inn also supplied us with tons of salad because, yes, we do need some greens in our life every once in a while.

The College Inn is typically a go-to for late night eats, but their presence at Studyhub proved that their comfort food is just as great any time of day.

Take It Away

Emily Head

Nothing says UVA quite like a sandwich from Take It Away Sandwich Shop, house dressing included, obviously. With that in mind, Studyhub would not have been complete without the infamous trays of Take It Away sandwiches.

The sandwiches were definitely the first to go at the event, probably because UVA lives and breathes house dressing, but nonetheless Take It Away was an awesome addition to the event.

Red Eye Cookie Co.

goody, cake, pastry, candy, chocolate, cookie, sweet
Emily Head

As the newest addition to late night cookie cravings on the Corner, Red Eye Cookie Co. is all the rage on Grounds at the moment. We decided to serve Red Eye cookies, some may argue a controversial decision, which turned out to be a huge hit all around.

With more than 400 cookies delivered just after the event opened, everyone could find their favorite sweet treat. My personal favorite, the oatmeal raisin, went fast, but, don't fret, we got some rockstar photos of pizza boxes full of cookies before they were gone. Drool-worthy, I know.

sauce, barbecue, meat, pork, chicken wings, chicken
Emily Head

We can't thank our four vendors enough for their involvement, and there is no doubt that the promise of food from Trinity Irish Pub, The College Inn, Take It Away, and Red Eye Cookie Co. played a major role in attracting the UVA community to our Studyhub event.

So, other than some of the best eats on the Corner, what else was present at Studyhub?

The Swag

Emily Head

Courtesy of both Spoon University and Grubhub, Studyhub provided an exponential amount of swag to students to help them make it through exam season. From notebooks, sticky notes, pens, and cord organizers to some study break items including bottle openers, koozies, and stickers, Studyhub offered it all.

The swag was a huge hit at the event, and every library this exam season was chalked full of Grubhub notebooks, Spoon pens, and proof that Studyhub was a definite success.

Anything else?

beer, tea, coffee
Emily Head

In addition to tons of free food and swag, Studyhub had two awesome masseuses to give free massages at the event. We also had student DJ Corbin Allen play music throughout the event and had our very own Emily Head photographing the night. 

All in all, our chapter of Spoon at UVA could not have been more pleased to have hosted our very own Studyhub event. Everyone involved played an integral role in our success, and UVA will definitely be making great use of Grubhub in the coming semesters.

tea, stout, coffee, ale, beer
Emily Head

While we may have done a little more eating than studying at the event, Studyhub proved to be a great success at UVA. Perhaps studying at an Irish pub is a little bit more difficult than we thought, but, nevertheless, Trinity Irish Pub and the rest of our vendors were a hit.

With some of our campus's favorite eats, free swag, a great DJ, stellar masseuses, and lots of fun, Studyhub was definitely a night to remember. Giant spoon included.