Another school year is starting, and I’m sure you’re all eager to get back to your favorite Corner hangouts. However, I think spending so much time on the Corner blinds us Wahoos from the fact that there’s a whole other, somewhat classier, side to the Charlottesville bar scene.

This fall, make a promise to yourself to branch out and experience new places to get turnt. Don’t worry, Trin and Boylan will still be there when you get back. Here’s where to start:

1. Heirloom at the Graduate


Photo courtesy of @graduatecharlottesville on Instagram

Heirloom is my new favorite spot to drink in Cville (at least while it’s warm). The view from the rooftop is definitely the best in town, and the drinks are creative and fun, while still being reasonably priced.

Bring a group of friends and try to snag one of the big couches; it’s the closest you’ll get to that city rooftop bar you hung out at all summer.

2. Kardinal Hall


Photo courtesy of @kardinalhall on Instagram

The closest you’ll get to Oktoberfest in Cville, this beer hall has an outdoor biergarten that will make you feel like you’re back in Germany. Ok, maybe not, but they do serve authentic German and Belgian beers, as well as local ones. They also have the best brats in town. Prost!

3. Lost Saint


Photo by Bridget Muckian

Wanna know what it felt like to drink during Prohibition? Head on over to this speakeasy-style bar, in the basement of Tavern & Grocery. If the light at the top of the staircase is on, that means you can go in. If it’s off, that means the bar is at capacity (there’s a 30 person limit #exclusive). Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

4. Oakhart Social


Photo courtesy of @oakhartsocial on Instagram

Two words: wine slushies. This super hip spot serves amazing food and equally amazing drinks. Their specials always include an alcoholic slushie of the day, and their other drinks have fun names like the “I Can’t Even.”

5. Firefly


Photo courtesy of Mai P. on

Part restaurant, part bar, part arcade — this place has it all. If you’re not one of those people who can just passively sit at a table and sip your drink, Firefly is for you. There’s pinball, pool, skeeball, ping pong and even board games, so don’t show up without your game face on.

6. The Whiskey Jar


Photo courtesy of @whiskeyjarcville on Instagram

If you want to drink like a Southerner, pay a visit to the Whiskey Jar. They have the largest selection of whiskey you’ve ever seen (hence the name), but if whiskey isn’t your drink, try the mint julep instead. They also have live folk music #turnup.

7. The Fitzroy


Photo courtesy of @lostsaintbar on Instagram

The Fitzroy is the new kid on the block — er, mall — but it’s already become a favorite with the locals. The 1920’s vibe makes it different from the seemingly endless amount of bars in town. They also make their own tonic water, which makes for the best vodka/gin and tonic you’ve ever had.