In no particular order, here is my top ten list of food Instagram accounts to follow.

1. @healthfulradiance

Angie is a health conscious food blogger and student based in New York City. Angie shares most of her meals on her feed and story. Her food not only looks and sounds delicious, but is also healthy. She tackles topics relating to eating disorders, since she is recovering from an eating disorder herself. Her account is perfect for anyone looking for recipe inspiration or some necessary realness.

2. @flexibledietinglifestyle

Zach is an entrepreneur and recipe genius (in my opinion). He specializes in recipe hacks to make your favorite treats a little healthier. He shares recipes on his page and YouTube channel. His creations are normally higher in protein and lower in carbs and fats than the original versions of the foods. Zach shares nutrition and fitness tips, along with his personal struggles he has faced with disordered eating. Zach’s page is perfect for anyone looking for healthy recipes and nutrition tips.

3. @rachaelsgoodeats

Rachael is a dietitian, trainer and restaurant owner who shares recipes, cooking and baking tips and glimpses into her life as an entrepreneur. Her recipes are always colorful and packed with nutrients from fruits and vegetables. She shares recipes for meals and desserts that can fit into almost anyone's diet. Her recipes range from dairy free, vegan, or gluten free, even though she is none of those herself. She shares recipes anyone would love, along with occasional fitness tips and routines.

4. @dcfoodporn

Justin is a food and travel blogger based in D.C. I’m slightly biased because I’m from the DMV, but Justin posts drool worthy food pics that everyone can appreciate. He posts a variety of foods, from chocolate souffles to steamed dumplings. Justin visits new restaurants, shops, and bakeries, sharing his discoveries in pictures and videos. While most of his food finds are in D.C., he has also traveled to places like Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, documenting his meals along the way.

5. @thenaughtyfork

Sam is a food instagrammer and blogger based in Miami, Florida. She has traveled all around the world, sharing her food finds as she goes. She posts mouth watering photos, including behind the scenes videos of how the food is made. She always seems to find out of the box creations that I had no idea existed, like a three tiered sushi cake or ice cream spaghetti.

6. @mason_woodruff

Mason makes real food that real people can make. His bio reads "Kinda Healthy Recipes", which is true. He shares his recipes in his blog, along with the nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points. His recipes are food that most people enjoy, like pulled chicken sandwiches or cinnamon rolls, but he puts a slightly healthier twist on it. Not only does he share classic favorites, but he also shares recipes I've never heard of, like Bacon Sweet Potato Tots and Everything Bagel Protein Pop Tarts. Be sure to check out Mason's page for a mix of your favorite foods and new recipes that are somewhat healthy.

7. @thesamplan

Sam is an online fitness and nutrition coach based in California. At first look, Sam’s page might look like a fitness Instagram, but her account is much more than that. Sam posts her famous oatmeal and taco bowls on her story and the food she comes across in California and beyond. In my opinion, she shares the message of body positivity better than any other Instagram account. Sam tells her story of constantly losing and gaining weight before she had enough. Instead of focusing on aesthetics, she preaches about feeling your best inside and out.

8. @delicouseasyrecipevideos

If you’re like me, you could watch recipe videos for hours. This account sounds exactly like its name and is mesmerizing to watch. This account posts snacks, full meals and desserts. Some recipes are on the healthier side, like Watermelon Fries, and others are downright indulgent, like Cheeseburger French Toast. All of the recipes are shown step by step and can be made easily at home. This account is for anyone who has free time, because once you look at this page, you won’t be able to stop.

9. @thepeachyprodigy

Garianne is a recipe developer whose page and blog are dedicated to administering guidance on how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She has the gift of making even the simplest food look beautiful. She shares her diet on a daily basis, which includes fresh and healthy ingredients and occasional indulgences. Her meals and snacks are simple and easy to replicate, not to mention they look absolutely delicious.

10. @frankencreations

This one’s for all you sweet tooths out there. The unnamed founder of this page is a dessert creator based in the United Kingdom who shares his crazy homemade sweets. He specializes in “Fraken Bars”, handcrafted candy bars made from ingredients you can find at any local grocery store. This page posts homemade creations, as well as confections from bakeries and restaurants all over Europe