Miami is truly one of a kind. It's a world of its own, to say the least. It's a cultural melting pot — the people, the arts, the beaches, the views, the nightlife, and most importantly, the food, is what makes this city so unique. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Miami, so I've had the chance to experience almost all it has to offer, including some of the dankest restaurants in South Florida. Whether you currently live in Miami or you're visiting for spring break, don't miss out on some of the best restaurants near Miami Beach:

1. Big Pink

This is my go-to spot after a long day at Nikki Beach. Their menu is straight up ridiculous with an overwhelming amount of choices. Be ready for huge portions and a satisfied stomach. 

2. Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's has been around for over 100 years and is definitely a Miami staple. You'll end up waiting a while for a table since they don't take reservations and spending probably more than you'd like to, but #trust these stone crabs are to die for.

3. Ms. Cheezious

For me, cheese is basically dairy crack. If you love cheese, Ms. Cheezious is a MUST. Their menu offers a variety of different grilled cheese masterpieces. 

4. La Sandwicherie

This is the place to go to for a fire sandwich. Not only do they have sandwiches, but they also have refreshing fruit smoothies and salads. Did I mention they're open until 5 am? Perfect place for those late night munchies/drunchies. 

5. Moshi Moshi

SUSHI GALORE. There are hella sushi places on and around Miami Beach, but Moshi Moshi is one of the best and isn't as expensive as other sushi restaurants — 10/10 would recommend.

6. Bodega

Food isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Bodega, but booze definitely is. Before you start getting turnt at Bodega, fill up your stomach with their bomb tacos.

7. Barton G.

Dining at Barton G. is an experience that everyone should partake in at least once. The atmosphere and the service is what makes this restaurant worth the seriously steep price. The presentation especially is over the top, but it's a real good time. You should no doubt get the cotton candy for dessert and one of their nitrogen-infused drinks.

8. Pura Vida

If you didn't know, Miami is a very health-conscious city. That's why there are so many great healthy food spots (and probably because it's beach season year around). Pura Vida serves a variety of healthy dishes that your body will thank you for including delish açaí bowls.

9. YardBird Southern Table & Bar

Comfort southern food done right in Miami is pretty surprising, but Yardbird knows what they're doing. Apart from the chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, and biscuits, it's one of the best Bourbon bars in America. This rustic-chic spot is perfect for happy hour or brunch.

10. Mister O1

Everyone loves pizza and that's a fact. What's better than regular pizza? Artisan pizza that's beautifully crafted while still being delicious, not to mention extremely instagrammable.

#SpoonTip: It was previously called Visa O1.

11. Burgers & Shakes

This restaurant easily serves the best burgers on Miami Beach, hands down. The burgers are juicy, the portions are huge, the prices are actually reasonable, and they're open until 4 am every day. What more could you ask for?

12. Prime 112/Prime Italian/ Prime Italian/ Prime Fish

The names speak for themselves. Whichever one of the essential prime restaurants you go to, you'll be eating a meal deemed worthy enough for the Kardashians—and you might even be lucky enough to spot one there. Even though you'll end up spending quite a lot, it's seriously the best you're going to get.

13. Havana 1957

Miami is definitely the best city in America to get Cuban food since 35% of our population is made up of Cubans. There are so many restaurants to get bomb Cuban food from, but this one is conveniently located on South Beach (holla, spring breakers). The decor and atmosphere makes you feel like you're actually in Cuba rather than Miami. It's the real deal. I'm part Cuban so I should know. 

14. Icebox Cafe

Avocado toast? Yes, please. I love brunch—if I could go to brunch every day, I would. But aside from brunch, they also have a chocolate cake, the "chocolate bomb," that was raved about by Oprah (is she ever wrong?). So whether you go for brunch or dinner, you're bound to leave with a happy stomach.

15. Gigi's

You need to go to Gigi's solely for the dessert. This picture doesn't even do these Fruit Loop Rice Krispies justice. 

16. The Front Porch Cafe

This is a prime spot for brunch on the beach. They have hefty portions and the French toast is so dank because it has a hint of citrus, which adds a zesty flavor compared to traditional French toast. 

17. My Ceviche

My Ceviche has it all. They have customizable bowls, tacos, salads, and burritos. Their traditional fish burrito even slayed Bobby Flay so it's bound to slay your taste buds. 

18. Ricky's South Beach

Ricky's has live entertainment every night, arcade games, beer pong tables, and creative carnival-type dishes. The vibes in here are chill and the food is phenomenal. If you're trying to have a relaxed night out and enjoy some good food (like popcorn chicken), definitely check this place out.

19. Kith Treats

Kith Treats is located inside of the Kith clothing/sneaker store. It's described as a cereal bar and you can either order cereal that comes topped with different things like marshmallows or chocolate chips, soft-serve ice cream or milkshakes that have cereals mixed into it.

You also have the ability to create your own mouthwatering soft-serve ice cream or milkshake creation. First, you choose whether you want ice cream or a milkshake and then you get to choose from an array of cereal options to mix in. They have 23 different kinds of cereal like Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, and so much more. They also have 22 different topping options and four different kinds of milk to choose from. Talk about options.

20. K Ramen. Burger. Beer. 

This little gem is located in the Townhouse Hotel on a side street and tends to be a little hard to find. The vibes here are so cozy. It's dimly lit, has anime wallpaper, has old-school video games, a foosball table, and a TV indefinitely playing Naruto. It features three things college kids love: ramen, burgers, and beer—so it's obviously a must-try. Do NOT sleep on the lobster ramen, it's life changing.