Summer is upon us, and so is the pressure of getting in shape. However, you're not alone on your journey to health. There are many others scrambling to find the perfect and most reliable inspiration. Gearing your attention to the fitness Instagram pages can be a good source of inspiration. 

Otherwise known as Fitsagram, the fitness Instagram pages hold a lot of great guides, routines, and motivational stories that can really help get the ball rolling on your fitness journey. 

1. Ashley Horner

Horner aims at getting close and personal with her followers. Not only does she share tips for workout routines, but she also shares stories about how she struggles everyday with fitness.

2. Andy Speer

Speer is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and has many videos that would leave any person motivated to take on his impressive workout routines. 

3. Jeanette Jenkins

Jenkins is a health coach with an overwhelming amount of workout programs and recipes. They all can be found on her website. Her Instagram page is filled with motivational quotes, healthy food, and workout videos. What's more impressive, she's constantly throwing challenges your way and smiling the whole way through.

4. Dylan Werner

Interested in yoga fitness? Werner can twist and bend into another dimension. Definitely worth checking out if you're interested in kick-starting your yoga inspiration.

5. Hannah Eden

Eden is the founder of the PumpFit Club, which is a high intensity interval training program. You'll be exhausted after looking through her Instagram page. Her workouts are intense!

6. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

If you enjoy the everyday charm of The Rock, then you'll definitely enjoy watching him in his home away from home, the gym. Those muscles didn't just appear out of nowhere. 

7. Kayla Itsines

Itsines is the co-creater of the Bikini Body Guide workout program. Her Instagram is filled with inspiration stories and photos of both herself, in addition to others who are using her BBG program.

8. Hunter Cook

Cook holds a mix of weightlifting and yoga. He posts "goal worthy" yoga poses, in addition to sweat-inducing workout videos. If you're in need of some stretching inspiration, he's the one to check out.

9. Anna Victoria

Victoria is a certified personal trainer, and is the creator of many workout and meal planning guides. Her Instagram is full of progress photos of people using her workout guides, in addition to showing the difference between Instagram posing, compared to what your body really looks like. 

10. Jay Maryniak

Maryniak is a type 1 diabetic, however he doesn't let that stop him when it comes to being an athlete. His Instagram page is filled with highly impressive video workout routines and programs.

Each account is a personal reflection of the person it is about. It's important that there is a genuine connection to fitness, in addition to the followers. And by sharing your own photos and videos on Instagram with the "fitagram" hashtag, you're entering into a whole community. Who knows, you might become someone else's fitness Instagram inspiration.