For a foodie, a trip to Europe is a lot like picking a movie on Netflix. All at once, you’re bombarded with unlimited choices that you’ve never had the opportunity to try before. You better hope you choose well, because the mistake of choosing incorrectly and realizing your trip is coming to an end is ten times worse than choosing the wrong movie on Netflix.

In the hope of saving you from this unfortunate experience, I’ve made a list of the best eats from my recent spring break trip to Germany and France. Ever find yourself wondering what you would eat on a dream trip to Europe? Look no further. Check out this list for some of my favorite finds.



Photo by Victoria Young

If you know a little German, then you may know that this meat, leberkäse, translates to “liver cheese”, but it’s actually neither liver nor cheese. Don’t ask questions: just smile and be thankful for this delicious cold cut instead of your boring ham and cheese usual back home.

(Don’t worry, it’s just a mix of corned beef, pork, bacon and onions.)


Photo by Victoria Young

The simplest things in life really are the best. This yummy sandwich is just three ingredients: a crusty, light roll, a spread of tangy mustard and a made-in-house sausage right off the griddle.


Photo by Victoria Young

Goulash is the equivalent of chicken noodle soup, but without the chicken or noodles, of course. It has chunks of pork simmering in stewed tomatoes and spices that warm your heart like a favorite childhood meal.



Photo by Victoria Young

Just wait until you try these envelopes of customized joy. Crepes can be eaten with ham and cheese, nutella and bananas or you can try a Crepe Suzette if you’re a Downton Abbey fan.


Photo by Victoria Young

Crème Brulee in Paris. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a dish that cannot be missed.


Photo by Victoria Young

Both times that I was in Paris I made sure to stop by Ladurée. It has a full bakery, but the macarons are the true stars of the show. As a result they are on the expensive side, but the price is worth it. You will not regret the purchase as you snack on these delightful treats walking down the Champs de Élysées.

Good luck on your next adventure abroad and Bon Appétit!