Tik-Tok is not just all about dancing. Within the "for you" page, people share their very best recipes and kitchen hacks that anyone can easily enjoy. While scrolling, I always "favorite" the videos I want to try. When Im looking for something new to make, I know exactly where to look. I picked the 5 best food trends on Tik-Tok that people can try at home.

1. Whipped Coffee

The whipped coffee trend took over Tik-Tok by storm! Who would've thought that instant coffee would come back and be the newest trend. This drink is properly called Dalgona Coffee, as it resembles the Korean candy with the foamy topping. One of main reasons this drink became so popular is because of the readily available ingredients. It only requires 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar and a little bit of hot water. Once these ingredients are put in a bowl together, it is now time for the mixing. Some say it can take up to 30 minutes using a whisk to get the light and fluffy mixture. However with an electric mixer it may only take a few minutes. In order to finish your drink, the next step is to fill a glass with iced milk and spoon your mixture over top. Now you have your fancy Dalgona coffee!

2. 2-Ingredient Bagels

Everyone loves bagels, but are all the calories worth it? To some the answer would be yes, but now we don't have to choose! As seen on Tik Tok, these bagels are a healthier version and only require two ingredients. I have seen this recipe done a few different ways, however, this one I've found to be fool proof, as it comes out perfectly every time! All you need is self-rising flour and greek yogurt to get perfect and fluffy bagels. To add some more flavor, you can include everything bagel seeds inside the dough! Then, to finish these bagels, you can take egg wash and shake some more seeds right on top. In order to bake them, you set your oven to 375 degrees and leave them in for 20 minutes! These are perfect topped with a schmear of cream cheese, with a little nova, or tomato!

3. Tik-Tok Breakfast Sandwich

I found the next thing you're going to make for breakfast! This takes your classic egg sandwich to the next level. This dish cooks the bread into the eggs in order to create a well condensed breakfast. In order to cook this, you pour the eggs into the pan and allow them to start cooking. Then, once it's half way cooked, you place the bread into the mixture allowing the bread to submerge into the eggs. Once it is starting to fully cook, you flip the egg so the bread is underneath and add your cheese and bacon right on top. Then you fold it in half into a sandwich for the perfect breakfast sandwich. For more details, head over to Tik-Tok as this one is everywhere! This is something I cant wait to try.

4. Cinnabon Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi 

Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi has been popular for a long time. Now you can take this dinner and turn it into a dessert! Instead of topping it with regular tomato sauce or pesto, you can create a healthier version of a cinnamon roll. I've seen many people hoping on this trend and had amazing results. In order to make these, you need to heat a pan with some coconut oil and coconut sugar. Once heated add the gnocchi to the pan and once it starts to brown, add cinnamon over top. For an icing, all you need to do is mix powdered sugar and almond milk. This recipe is so easy and can use most of the ingredients you already have at home! I can't wait for my next trip to Trader Joe's to grab a package of cauliflower gnocchi.

5. Pancake Cereal 

Cereal now has a new twist. Instead of a short stack of pancakes you can now turn your pancakes into a bowl of "cereal." I have seen this trend everywhere on Tik-Tok! The best part about this trend is that it is so versatile. It can be created into a healthier version by using low calorie pancake mixes. This dish is perfectly topped with fruit, peanut butter, and obviously maple syrup! The best way to get tiny cereal pieces is to add the batter into a plastic bag. Then by cutting off the corner, you can pipe the batter directly into the pan. I highly recommend making your next pancakes into a delicious bowl of cereal!

In my opinion, it is very hard to get that perfect circular pancake. Now with this bite size option, it doesn't matter. It looks perfect no matter the shape or size.