Breakfast sandwiches seem to hit the spot no matter the occasion. Driving a friend to the airport at 6 am? Breakfast sandwich. Ignored your parents' advice that "nothing good happens after midnight"? Breakfast sandwich. Early morning class? Breakfast sandwich. 

Magnificent Muffin & Bagel Shoppe

bread, wheat, bagel
Julia Fuller

What to Order: Bacon, egg, and cheddar on an everything bagel and an iced coffee

Cost: $4.50 (and $2.50 for the iced coffee)

I never realized that good bagels were a New York thing until I went to college and lived further than 45 minutes from New York City. Magnificent Muffin & Bagel Shoppe, more intimately known as MagMuff has arguably the best bagels near Tufts.

When you wake up on a Friday morning after a late night out with friends, nothing kicks your hangover faster than a MagMuff sandwich. The only downside is that MagMuff closes at noon, so you have to limit your breakfast sandwich consumption to regular breakfast hours.


ham, cheddar, sandwich, bacon, cheese
Julia Fuller

What to order: Classic Jumbo with bacon and roasted tomatoes on a seeded wheat bagel

Cost: $7.65

Bagelsaurus could be considered MagMuff's trendier cousin. The maple-smoked bacon is a thicker than average cut and the addition of roasted tomatoes takes the sandwich from something you could have made at home to a breakfast worth paying for.

Bagelsaurus is open until 3 pm, so swing by for second breakfast or lunch. 

True Grounds

Julia Fuller

What to order: Sunny Wrap

Cost: $5.75

True Grounds was voted as one of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in the US by USA Today and is known as a Somerville community favorite. Even though this spot is better known for its wide selection of drinks and its incredible scones, it offers awesome breakfast wraps.

My personal favorite is the Sunny Wrap: scrambled eggs, a copious amount of cheddar cheese, and a smattering of sun-dried tomato spread. The fluffy scrambled eggs make this wrap a change of pace from the typical fried egg breakfast sandwich. 


sandwich, chicken, cheese
Julia Fuller

What to order: Bacon, egg, and cheese on an english muffin

Cost: $2.95

Alexander's takes things back to basics: artificially gooey (and delicious) melted cheese, greasy bacon, and a simple fried egg. Alexander's is the least expensive of the bunch and if you're rushing off to the rest of your day, it's conveniently located en route from Tufts to I-93. 


sandwich, cheddar, bacon, bagel, cheese, fried egg, egg
Julia Fuller

What to make: Everything bagel, home-cured bacon, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, and a runny fried egg

Cost: a few hours of your time

Homemade bagels are one of things that are really not hard to make but taste SO good and impress all of your friends. I use a recipe from; instead of a standing mixer, I use my hands to form the dough.

I'm not going to lie - I've never made my own bacon from scratch, but my friend has and I included his latest batch of bacon in this delectable breakfast sammy. One of the best parts of making an egg sandwich at home is that you can leave the yolk as runny as you'd like because you don't have any health regulations!