July 26 may not be Christmas, but it is arguably the next best day of the year: Bagelfest. Show your appreciation for these doughy, round godsends by patronizing the best bagel joint in your state.

Alabama – Crestline Bagel


Photo courtesy of Crestline Bagels on Facebook

Enjoy your bagel with a side of southern hospitality at Crestline Bagel (which also makes homemade treats for dogs, so you can enjoy with your best friend).

Alaska – Alaska Bagels


Photo courtesy of Alaska Bagels on Facebook

Summer might mean corndogs for most of us, but celebrate Bagelfest day Alaska-style at Alaska Bagels with a reindeer bagel dog.

Arizona – Biff’s Bagels


Photo courtesy of Jennifer C. on Yelp

Swap your smoked salmon for tuna at Biff’s Bagels, where the albacore sandwich is to die for.

Arkansas – Morningside Bagels


Photo courtesy of arktimes.com

Bring New York to Arkansas to the midwest at Morningside Bagels, whose lox and cream cheese bagel is rumored to be the closest to Russ & Daughters outside of the city.

California – Bagels and Brew


Photo courtesy of @bagelsandbrew on Instagram

Get trendy at Bagels and Brew with a rainbow pizza bagel.

Colorado – Colorado Bagel Deli & Restaurant


Photo courtesy of Chrissy F. on Yelp

Celebrate Bagelfest at Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives-recognized spot Colorado Bagel Deli & Restaurant, which is also among the top 26 Jewish delis in America.

Connecticut – Cohen’s Bagel Company


Photo courtesy of Tammy T. on Yelp

Fill your soul and your bagel hole at Cohen’s Bagel Company with a mini muffin in the center of your Western sandwich (psst, combine the two with this quiche muffin recipe).

Delaware – Newark Deli and Bagel


Photo courtesy of Newark Deli & Bagel on Yelp

Get a super-stuffed sandwich at Newark Deli and Bagel; we promise you’ll never leave hungry.

Florida – Bagels and Noodles


Photo courtesy of Stephanie W. on Yelp

Enjoy your morning bagel with a side of pho at Bagels & Noodles, a Vietnamese breakfast spot that somehow makes bagels and Asian cuisine work.

Georgia – BB’s Bagels


Photo courtesy of Karen T. on Yelp

Check out BB’s Bagels for breakfast that’s rumored to rival the best of New York’s – you can even get a pork roll.

Hawaii – Lox of Bagels


Photo courtesy of Robin D. on Yelp

Enjoy the island’s flavors in bagel form at Lox of Bagels with flavors like strawberry-guava or taro.

Idaho – Blue Sky Bagels


Photo courtesy of Annelise R. on Yelp

Swap your typical asiago bagel for parmesan at Blue Sky Bagels for a not-so-cheesy twist.

Illinois – Barb City Bagels


Photo courtesy of Barb City Bagels on Facebook

Stop by Barb City Bagels for their simple sandwiches that are anything but basic. Try out a classic BEC on a Hawaiian bagel.

#SpoonTip: Check out these 26 best BECs in the country.

Indiana – Ripple Bagel & Deli


Photo courtesy of Ripple Bagel & Deli on Facebook

Celebrate Bagelfest and show your #Hoosier pride at the same time at Ripple Bagel & Deli in Indianapolis with the Indy 500 special.

Iowa – 5 Borough Bagels


Photo courtesy of 5 Borough Bagels on Facebook

Check out 5 Borough Bagels for a shop that has a cream cheese selection just as impressive as its bagels, from honey walnut to sriracha bacon.

Kansas – Pizagel’s Pizza & Bakery


Photo courtesy of Paula L. on Yelp

Surprisingly, you can’t get a pizza bagel at Pizagel’s, but you can still get a bagel sandwich, pizza, and garlic knots in the same place.

Kentucky – Great Bagel


Photo courtesy of Sarah C. on Yelp

Enjoy your Bagelfest Day without the afternoon bloat at Great Bagel, whose Skinny bagel sandwich won’t leave you feeling left out of the carb-filled fun.

Louisiana – New York Bagel Company & Cafe


Photo courtesy of Ron M. on Yelp

Get 2x the bagel with a side of bagel chips at New York Bagel Company and Café.

Maine – Union Bagel Co.


Photo courtesy of Union Bagel Co on Facebook

Get your in a cool shape, like braids or hearts, at Union Bagel Co.

Maryland – Bethesda Bagels


Photo courtesy of Bethesda Bagels on Facebook

Swap your plain cream cheese for Bethesda Bagels’s strawberry spread for a fruity twist.

Massachusetts – Bagelsauraus


Photo courtesy of @fernansahurtado95 on Instagram

It’s all about the spreads at Bagelsauraus, from almond butter to beet hummus.

Michigan – Detroit Institute of Bagels


Photo courtesy of Kylie J. on Yelp

Forget the Institute of Art, the Detroit Institute of Bagels is where it’s at today. One Yelp review reads: “I actually get angry when it’s bagel day and someone brings them in from anywhere other than DIB.” We think this a safe bet for a great Bagelfest celebration spot.

Minnesota – Rise Bagel


Photo courtesy of Rise Bagel on Facebook

Try out one of those nearly-black bagels from Rise Bagel for the most legit poppyseed experience you’ve ever had.

Mississippi – Beagle Bagel Cafe


Photo courtesy of Beagle Bagel Cafe on Facebook

Have Bagelfest brought to you with Beagle Bagel Cafe’s specialty sandwich platters, which let you binge on the good stuff all day long.

Missouri – B&B Bagel


Photo courtesy of B&B Bagel on Facebook

Get the freshest veggie sandwich of any bagel place, possibly ever, at B&B Bagel.

Montana – Bagels Etc.


Photo courtesy of Chad Y. on Yelp

Breakfast bowls are better when bagels are involved – check out Bagels Etc. for proof.

Nebraska – Bagels & Joe


Photo courtesy of Bagels & Joe on Facebook

Cater your Bagelfest Day with a box (or six) from Bagels & Joe.

Nevada – Reno Daily Bagel


Photo courtesy of Caroline K. on Yelp

Get with the times at Reno Daily Bagel, whose delicious bagel sandwiches are all newspaper-named.

New Hampshire – Bagel Alley


Photo courtesy of Nick C. on Yelp

This bagel might be salty AF, but you don’t have to be. Stop by Bagel Alley to avoid any FOMO on the best holiday of the year.

New Jersey – Bagel Nook


Photo courtesy of @everything_bagels on Instagram

Fruity pebbles bagel x Oreo cream cheese? Sweet. Get it at Bagel Nook.

New Mexico – Ruby K’s Bagel Cafe


Photo courtesy of Kim R. on Yelp

Spice up your day with some green chili at Ruby K’s Bagel Cafe, which you can get as a bagel flavor or on top.

New York – Black Seed Bagels


Photo courtesy of Mike C. on Yelp

Get a taste of Old Montreal at NYC favorite Black Seed Bagels, whose hand-rolled, wood-fired version is among the top in the city.

North Carolina – Owen’s Bagel and Deli


Photo courtesy of Michelle M. on Yelp

If you want to celebrate Bagelfest but don’t want to skip your eggs in the morning, order the Grubby Bubby at Owen’s Bagel and Deli, which may have an entire dozen between each bagel half.

North Dakota – B.C. Bagels


Photo courtesy of B.C. Bagels on Yelp

Get a sweet start to the day at B.C. Bagels, whose cinnamon sugar bagels are the sh*t.

Ohio – Bagel and Deli Shop


Photo courtesy of Bagel and Deli Shop

If you’re a crunch craver, you’ll love the Crunch and Munch at Bagel and Deli Shop, which is topped off with ranch dressing and Doritos.

Oklahoma – Old School Bagel Cafe


Photo courtesy of @oldschoolbagelsokc on Instagram

Breakfast sandwiches reign supreme at Old School Bagel Cafe: with thick-cut bacon and gooey cheese, you’ll crave them long into the afternoon.

Oregon – Eisenhower Bagel and Deli


Photo courtesy of Eisenhower Bagel and Deli on Facebook

Spice up your Bagelfest Day at Eisenhower Bagel and Deli with the Sriracha bagel.

Pennsylvania – Knead Bagels


Photo courtesy of Knead Bagels on Facebook

The crew at Knead Bagels clearly know how to have a good time, so be sure to recruit them for your holiday festivities.

Rhode Island – Bagel Gourmet


Photo courtesy of Diandra Z. on Yelp

Brown students already chose Bagel Gourmet as their go-to hangover helper. Get ahead of the curve and use the bagels as a solid carb base to pregame the rest of your Bagelfest activities.

South Carolina – Sully’s Steamers


Photo courtesy of Sully’s Steamers on Yelp

Get a steamed bagel sandwich at Sully’s Steamers. Sound weird? Just try it, you’ll be a believer.

South Dakota – Black Hills Bagels


Photo courtesy of Black Hills Bagels on Facebook

Go all out with a burger bagel at Black Hills Bagels for a sandwich that actually holds up.

Tennessee – Proper Bagel


Photo courtesy of @properbagel on Instagram

Document your celebrations with an Insta from Proper Bagel, whose cool vibes make sure you’ll get the perfect pic.

Texas – Wholy Bagel


Photo courtesy of Wholy Bagel on Yelp

Get baked Austin-style at Wholy Bagel. With bagels, obviously.

Utah – The Bagel Project


Photo courtesy of Jade F. on Yelp

Make sure your day is jam-packed (I’ll see myself out) with deliciousness at The Bagel Project.

Vermont – Myer’s Bagels


Photo courtesy of Rachel L. on Yelp

With such close proximity to Canada, there’s no excuse to pass up the opportunity for one of the best Montreal-style bagels inside the U.S at Myer’s Bagels.

Virginia – VA Bagel


Photo courtesy of Adrianna C. on Yelp

Pretend to be one of the many regulars at VA Bagel and order the classic sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Washington – Eltana


Photo courtesy of Krina P. on Yelp

Since the bagels at Eltana are more manageable than the monster sizes most delis serve, you have a legit reason to sample two, three, or ten flavors.

West Virginia – Royalicious Bagel Bakery


Photo courtesy of Colleen A. on Yelp

It’s about to get real at Royalicious, where you can get a breakfast mashup of BEC and French Toast in a bagel sandwich.

Wisconsin – Bagels Forever


Photo courtesy of Emily S. on Yelp

Bagels Forever ships nationwide, so you know it’s the spot to celebrate Bagelfest.

Wyoming – Pearl Street Bagels


Photo courtesy of Pearl Street Bagels on Facebook

The bagels at Pearl Street Bagels are so fresh out the kitchen, you don’t need a toaster. So they don’t have one.