Most of us would not trade a fresh Starbucks drink for a Keurig-brewed coffee, but let’s face it, daily Starbucks is not in the college student’s budget. However, instant coffee has its perks—for one it’s definitely a lot cheaper to make and we also don’t have to risk being late to class by waiting on long lines to order.

April 6 (5)

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Although we aren’t all baristas, we can make our instant coffee somewhat resemble a real coffee shop drink by just adding a few ingredients from our kitchens. First things first, check out this link to perfect your instant coffee making skills.

April 8 (27)

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1. Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut

Start off your morning on the sweet side by adding vanilla flavored coconut milk and a few scoops of hot chocolate mix to your coffee. Enjoy it hot or over ice.

April 6 (18)

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2. Greek Style

Channel your inner Greek goddess by drinking your iced coffee as they do in Greece. Add about 3 teaspoons of instant coffee plus some water, sugar and milk. Pour over ice and you’re done.

April 8 (36)

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3. Nutty

For a fresh and nutty flavor add almond milk to your coffee. Spice it up with cinnamon and nutmeg to give it more taste. You can even add a few drops of hazelnut into the mix.

April 8 (4)

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4. Maple and Brown Sugar

Change up the sweeteners that you use. Try adding maple syrup and brown sugar to create a more interesting and sweet flavor.

April 8 (7)

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5. Vanilla Latte

Use soy creamer and steam it in a microwave to give it a latte feel. Then add in a few drops of vanilla and it will seem just like a Starbucks vanilla latte. For even more of an intense flavor, use vanilla flavored coffee.

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