Trader Joe's is one of the favored super markets for Syracuse students. Located only a few minutes off campus, students have  accessibility to fresh and organic food. Trader Joe's is especially known for their frozen dinners and meals. Here is a selection of some of the classic and easy meals from Trader Joe's that you can make at home or in your dorm room!

Cauliflower Gnocchi

This dish is a classic among Trader Joe lovers. It combines the comfort of pasta with the super food powers of cauliflower. All it needs is a few minutes in the microwave, and it's ready to be served. Cauliflower gnocchi is one way college students can attempt to eat healthy. This dish is best enjoyed with a serving of marinara sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

Salad Mixes

Trader Joe's has a huge selection of prepared salads. Each one is filled with a variety of vegetables, fun salad toppings, and even a protein that enables this to become a quick meal. My favorite salad mix is the asian crunchy slaw mix. It contains a variety of non-starchy vegetables and then to add some crunch, there are asian noodles mixed in! Each mix combines a variety of flavors that can satisfy almost anyone.

Mac and Cheese 

This is another pasta dish that Trader Joe's has hit the jackpot with. This dish is easy to make and can cure any cheesy craving. Their mac and cheese dish has the convenience of Easy Mac but the taste of a gourmet dish. Mac and cheese is a meal you can't go wrong with, whether it is for lunch or dinner. They also have a healthier version of their mac and cheese, they call "reduced guilt". On top of this option, Trader Joe's also has fancier flavors like butternut squash, which is also delicious!

Rice Bowls

These are a huge favorite for many Trader Joe's lovers. They have a wide variety of different bowls that can appeal to many preferred cuisines. They have a shrimp bowl, a Mexican burrito bowl, and a cauliflower rice bowl, just to name a few. These bowls contain a variety of ingredients that come together to make a filling meal. They provide many nutrients that can help students in college get the fuel they need to succeed in their classes.


These dumplings are quick and easy meals that can be made right in your dorm room. Dumplings can be eaten as a snack or as a meal which is why they are such a versatile food to be kept on hand. They can be paired with either soy sauce or really any Trader Joe's dressing of your choosing. People love the Trader Joe's dumplings and all of the other asian inspired prepared meals.

Creating meals in your dorm, especially with a busy college schedule, can be quite difficult. Next time you're at your local Trader Joe's, make sure to pick up some of these meals. They can be made easily and in just a few minutes. You can also try exploring the store to see all the other amazing prepared foods they offer!