Those who scorn the ramen and easy mac diet either haven’t been to college or haven’t experienced finals week yet. Don’t be afraid to flaunt these unhealthy treats in front of the entire library staff or to stink up the room with your processed cheese. You are in college and you need a break from the dining hall and from the “not-so-expensive” restaurant down the block. But if you are embarrassed or if you are sick of the taste, here are a few ways to make your easy mac feel, close to, gourmet. (jk)

1. The Crumble

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This one is  not a gourmet option, but it harkens back to the baked mac-n-cheese. Take another cheesy, cracker product, crumble it up and sprinkle it on top. An easy option is Cheez-its.  This will not only add texture, but also flavor. An added bonus to this trick is that the Cheez-its can be used as a thickener, since you probably added too much water anyway.

2. The Classic

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Just add ketchup! This one is a classic for a reason and will surely continue satisfying consumers throughout the lifetime of the mac-n-cheese. When your international friend makes a disapproving face and shakes his head in disgust of the over-use of ketchup in America, Yell ‘Merica!’ at the top of your lungs, take a huge bite, and do not share your food with him.

3. Invest in the Best

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To me, this means purchasing the white cheddar shells box instead of the standard yellow Velveeta. Not only are they delicious, but they are different and will easily mix up the routine. Alternatively, investing in spongebob shaped macs will do the trick as well.

4. For those who are daring

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Similar to “The Classic”, just add tabasco! This will not only give your mac a kick in the balls, but will give it another culinary dimension of flavor. Tabasco is a very flavorful hot sauce, used not just for the kick, but also for the taste