Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday June 18. You’re welcome). Of course, you can (and should) make him (and any and all father figures in your life) an adorable handmade card, but you’re not a kid anymore. You can’t fly by on cuteness alone — expectations are higher. Don’t stress though, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best gifts for food-loving dads, from games to cooking tools to fashion items. So go ahead, give your dad a reason to savor every moment on his special day.

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1. SPAM T-Shirt, $24

Image by Amazon

Ah, SPAM. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on this canned pork product. Personally, I do enjoy it on occasion because it brings back nostalgic childhood memories. If your dad feels the same, this SPAM T-shirt is the perfect funny and fashionable gift for him.

2. Pizza Marvin Slice Spice, $9

Image by Pizza Marvin

Could pizza be even better? I know it sounds crazy, but with this “Slice Spice” blend from Pizza Marvin, it could. If your dad loves pizza and is always looking for an upgrade, this is a great gift to elevate his ‘za.

3. Pizza Baseball Hat, $19

Image by Amazon

If your pizza-loving dad is anything like mine (bald), he’s perpetually wearing a baseball hat. This pizza baseball hat is fun and functional, providing sun protection and projecting his love of pizza to the world.

4. Hard Cider Making Kit, $48

Image by Brooklyn Brew

My brother once made hard cider as a ‘science experiment,’ and it was…interesting. But then, he didn’t have this super helpful Hard Cider Making Kit! If your dad likes science and boozy beverages, this is a super fun gift that keeps on giving. You can even share the results (if you’re of age).

5. How To Wash Dishes, $12

Image by Amazon

Okay, so this could definitely be interpreted as passive aggressive. But actually, it’s a beautiful read about mindfulness and finding joy in the mundane. And it’s just a really funny gift to give and receive, as long as everyone has a good sense of humor.

6. Kamenoko Tawashi Scrubbers, $13

Image by Amazon

Now that he knows how to wash dishes, he needs the perfect tool to make it more enjoyable. This beautifully designed scrubber makes dishwashing easier and classier.

7. Sporkful Pasta Variety Pack, $36

Image by Sfoglini

The Sporkful is a food podcast hosted by a food-loving dad with the tagline "It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters." If your dad is an eater, he’ll love this Sporkful pasta, specially designed for optimum sauceability, forkability, and toothsinkability.

8. The Perfect Pasta Pan ($44)

Image by Amazon

If you give a dad some pasta, he’s going to need something to cook it in. This deep pan is perfect for finishing pastas. The sloping sides are ideal for tossing, ensuring that every piece of pasta is perfectly coated in saucy goodness.

9. Ravioli Spoon Rest, $8

Image by Amazon

…And he’s going to need somewhere to rest his pasta spoon. Why not make it this adorable ravioli spoon rest?

10. Sushi Go!, $12

Image by Amazon

This fast-paced, sushi-themed card game is fun for the whole family. But fair warning, if you are the competitive type, things can get intense. Luckily, everyone can reconcile over a delicious post-game sushi dinner. You’ll definitely be craving it!

11. A Really Nice Knife, $45

Image by Amazon

Cooking is just an all-around better experience when you have a nice knife. This gorgeous, high-quality stainless steel chef knife will make your dad feel like, well, a chef.

12. Knife Sharpening Stone, $44

Image by Amazon

Did you know that dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones? I learned that from my dad. Give your dad the gift of safe and satisfying cooking with this beautiful knife sharpening stone.

13. Acacia Wood Cutting Board, $66

Image by Amazon

If you give a dad a nice knife, and a nice knife sharpener, he’s going to need a nice cutting board. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Wood cutting boards are safer and easier on knives than plastic, plus they just feel more bougie. This Acacia wood cutting board is particularly beautiful and on the more affordable end for a high quality wooden cutting board.

14. Stanley Quencher Travel Tumbler, $35

Image by Stanley

Stanley cups aren’t just for TikTok girlies. Stanley has actually historically marketed towards men, and I know for a fact my brother has one (and loves it). But putting silly gender norms aside, everyone loves cold drinks while traveling, especially in the summer. Give dad the gift of ice-cold hydration on-the-go this summer with a Stanley Quencher Travel Tumbler. And hey, if you’re already paying for shipping…

15. T-Pain Wing Rub Collection, $30

Image by Spicewalla

Yes, T-Pain has a wing rub collection. If your dad likes wings, or T-pain, or both (and come on, most of us fall into at least one of those categories), this is the perfect gift. With three delicious blends — Straight Fire, Sugar Daddy, and The Juice — he can make the hottest wings around.